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EPSRC Reference: GR/S79923/01
Title: SPANAS: Systems for Photonic Adjustment of Nano-scale Aggregated Structures
Principal Investigator: Love, Professor G
Other Investigators:
Researcher Co-Investigators:
Dr C Dunlop Mr D Gedge
Project Partners:
Department: Physics
Organisation: Durham, University of
Scheme: Standard Research (Pre-FEC)
Starts: 01 April 2004 Ends: 31 March 2008 Value (£): 368,612
EPSRC Research Topic Classifications:
Complex fluids & soft solids Lasers & Optics
EPSRC Industrial Sector Classifications:
Aerospace, Defence and Marine Manufacturing
Chemicals Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
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The overall proposal is described below.Aggregation of nano-scale structures has become a subject of strong interest because the research will eventually elucidate the fundamental issues about the forces that constitute arrays of particles as well as theories on self-assembly of materials, particularly of that of crystalline structures. Equally important is the study of nano-scale colloidal structures for practical applications that describe the mechanisms in photonic crystals, large array systems, switches, micro-fluidic processes and bio-chemical sensing devices. This can, in time, be the future of nano-scale hybrid processing systems and a prelude to photonic computing devices and sensing chips.The actual applications, however, are hampered by the lack of controllability of currently developed structures that are both spatially and temporally inflexible. In this project, we aim to develop techniques for the formation and dynamic control of nano-scale assembly and manipulation of particles. The techniques will be based on patented and recently demonstrated fully dynamic multiple-beam optical tweezers for the real-time and simultaneous manipulation and control of large arrays of particles. In addition angular alignment and rotation of birefringent particles can be enforced by the use of a patented parallel light polarisation encoding method.
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