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EPSRC Reference: EP/E011446/1
Title: Quantum Probability, Information and Control Symposium: 1. Quantum Statistics, Filtering and Control, 2. Noncommutative and Stochastic Analysis
Principal Investigator: Belavkin, Professor V
Other Investigators:
Zacharias, Dr JPH
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Department: Sch of Mathematical Sciences
Organisation: University of Nottingham
Scheme: Standard Research
Starts: 01 July 2006 Ends: 30 September 2006 Value (£): 15,981
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Mathematical Analysis Mathematical Physics
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No relevance to Underpinning Sectors
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The Symposium is a combination of two interacting conferences: 1. QUANTUM INFORMATION: Statistics, Filtering and ControlThis is a conference geared towards the applications of Quantum Probability in Quantum Information, which will start with a short instructional course on Quantum Stochastics, Quantum Filtering and Quantum Control for younger scientists and non-experts on the 15th of July. 2. QUANTUM PROBABILITY: Noncommutative Analysis and Applications This conference is more on infinite dimensional analysis underlying quantum probability and quantum stochastics, and it is combined with the end-term Workshop of the EU Network on QP and its Applications to Physics, Information and Biology, the topics common to the first conference. The principal mathematical areas included are Operator Algebras and Spaces; CP semigroups and flows and non-commmutative endomorphisms; functional and infinite dimensional analysis; quantum probability and stochastic processes. The conference subject matter falls under the broad heading of quantum probability, information and control and is a successor to a series of more specialised meetings organized earlier by Belavkin. This time, the representatives of the pure mathematics community who have agreed to speak include William Arveson (Berkeley), KR Parthasarathy (Bangalore), N Privault (La Rochelle), Q Xu (Besancon), DV Voiculescu (Berkeley) and OG Smolyanov (Moscow). Amongs the speakers from the mathematical physics, quantum statistics and quantum information community who have agreed to participate are S Albeverio (Bonn), R. Alicki (Gdansk), A. Barchielli (Milan), PH Blanchard (Bielefeld), F Fagnola (Genova), A Holevo (Moscow), RL Hudson (Loughborough), B Kummerer (Darmstadt) and H Maassen (Nijmegin).In addition, the conference will have a subtext devoted to current applications with particular emphasis on emergent areas in quantum information, quantum filtering and optimal feedback control. To this end we have invited some of the foremost experts in this field. The expectation is that this will yield an overview of recent developments and set out the principal open problems and future challenges facing mathematicians and theoreticians. We have scheduled several introductory lectures on these topics for the benefit of young researchers during the evenings. Amongst the speakers who have agreed to be involved are Matthew James (Canberra), Luc Bouten and Ramon van Handel (Caltech).
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