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EPSRC Support by Research Areas in Theme (Energy)

Research areas are used to describe EPSRC's portfolio of excellent long term research and high quality postgraduate training.

Grants are classified using one or more research areas. The number and value of grants listed below reflects how the theme portfolio in question is currently constituted.

Please note: this is a dynamic database reflecting the current grants portfolio by Research Area within a Theme. Therefore, the number and value of grants within a Research Area will not match exactly the thematic Research Area distributions given at EPSRC's portfolio.

Research AreaNumber of GrantsProportional Value (£)
Bioenergy28 20,338,517
Built Environment10 7,143,320
Carbon Capture and Storage26 30,590,661
Catalysis7 6,128,730
Chemical Reaction Dynamics and Mechanisms2 1,733,576
Coastal and Waterway Engineering5 1,067,896
Combustion Engineering6 5,015,558
Complexity Science1 1,074,928
Computational & Theoretical Chemistry1 319,328
Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure1 641,830
Condensed Matter: Magnetism and Magnetic Materials1 1,283,659
Control Engineering1 667,539
Electrical Motors and Drive / Electromagnetics2 1,237,952
Electrochemical Sciences5 1,243,590
End Use Energy Demand (Energy Efficiency)80 72,702,230
Energy Networks48 33,503,487
Energy Storage64 48,807,841
Engineering Design2 4,363,566
Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics7 1,978,134
Fossil fuel power generation12 6,460,179
Fuel Cell Technology24 18,227,264
Functional Ceramics and Inorganics3 2,412,490
Ground Engineering1 490,886
Hydrogen and Alternative Energy Vectors20 11,992,443
Information Systems1 2,969,427
Infrastructure and urban systems9 10,371,463
Manufacturing Technologies9 2,077,502
Marine Wave and Tidal24 14,478,055
Materials Engineering - Ceramics3 1,970,995
Materials Engineering - Composites6 3,687,987
Materials Engineering - Metals & Alloys8 1,411,055
Materials For Energy Applications25 23,550,278
Microelectronics Device Technology5 4,087,902
Nuclear Fission74 65,432,178
Operational research3 1,466,574
Optoelectronic Devices and Circuits2 1,465,687
Performance and Inspection of Mechanical Structures and Systems4 347,224
Photonic materials3 1,919,887
Plasma and Lasers11 10,030,048
Polymer Materials5 2,799,063
Process Systems: Components and Integration5 3,516,681
Resource Efficiency4 1,020,757
Robotics3 2,989,974
Sensors and Instrumentation5 2,693,015
Solar Technology50 32,358,477
Statistics and Applied Probability2 825,546
Superconductivity2 732,060
Synthetic Biology1 384,859
Synthetic Organic Chemistry1 75,911
Synthetic Supramolecular Chemistry1 278,815
Water Engineering4 1,205,728
Whole Energy Systems30 35,639,807
Wind Power21 21,180,123