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EPSRC Support by Research Topic in Numerical Analysis

We classify grants using one or more research topics. Value is the total value of the grants awarded, not the proportion assigned to different research topics, so it does not show the level of investment in different research areas.

Grant TitlePrincipal
OrganisationDepartmentTotal Grant
Value (£)
A multidisciplinary approach to modelling the early stages of metastasisInsall, Professor RobertUniversity of GlasgowCollege of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sc 166,903
A UK Quantitative Systems Pharmacology NetworkTindall, Dr MUniversity of ReadingMathematics and Statistics 159,456
Adaptive RegularisationPryer, Dr TUniversity of ReadingMathematics and Statistics 101,139
Analysis: from theory to applicationsNorris, Professor JUniversity of CambridgePure Maths and Mathematical Statistics 3,965,030
Applications of ergodic theory to geometry: Dynamical Zeta Functions and their applicationsPollicott, Professor MUniversity of WarwickMathematics 934,489
Automating optimisation subject to partial differential equations on high-performance computers.Farrell, Dr PEUniversity of OxfordMathematical Institute 487,241
Boltzmann-type and mean-field models in socio-economic applicationsWolfram, Dr MUniversity of WarwickMathematics 100,251
Boundary Element Methods for Next-Gen Devices in TeraHertz TechnologyCools, Dr KUniversity of NottinghamFaculty of Engineering 99,345
Consolidated EPSRC support for Durham SymposiaSchuetz, Dr DDurham, University ofMathematical Sciences 629,652
Coupling and Control in Continuous TimeMijatovic, Professor AKings College LondonMathematics 329,788
Coupling and Control in Continuous TimeJacka, Professor SDUniversity of WarwickStatistics 316,491
Data assimilation and forecasting for urban crime modelsSantitissadeekorn, Dr NUniversity of SurreyMathematics 101,156
Data-Driven Coarse-Graining using Space-Time Diffusion MapsLeimkuhler, Professor BUniversity of EdinburghSch of Mathematics 304,822
Deformed Shape Optimisation for Elastic BodiesJones, Dr G WUniversity of Manchester, TheMathematics 95,565
Development of a non-invasive airborne acoustic technique to monitor the dynamics of water systemsKrynkin, Dr AUniversity of SheffieldMechanical Engineering 100,020
Discretisations of sign-definite formulations for the Helmholtz equationMoiola, Dr AUniversity of ReadingMathematics and Statistics 99,038
Efficient computational tools for inverse imaging problemsSchönlieb, Dr CUniversity of CambridgeApplied Maths and Theoretical Physics 527,191
Embedding measured data within a computational framework for vibro-acoustic designMoorhouse, Professor ATUniversity of SalfordSch of Computing, Science & Engineering 495,573
Enabling Quantification of Uncertainty for Large-Scale Inverse Problems (EQUIP)Stuart, Professor AMUniversity of WarwickMathematics 2,048,925
EPSRC and MRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Mathematics for Real-World SystemsRichardson, Dr MUniversity of WarwickMathematics 3,692,569
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Industrially Focused Mathematical ModellingPlease, Professor CPUniversity of OxfordMathematical Institute 4,292,330
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Mathematical Analysis and its Applications:Maxwell Institute Graduate School in Analysis & Applications - MIGSAACarbery, Professor AUniversity of EdinburghSch of Mathematics 4,543,507
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics at Bath (SAMBa)Kyprianou, Professor AEUniversity of BathMathematical Sciences 3,774,209
EPSRC Centre for Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of Multimodal Clinical ImagingAston, Professor JADUniversity of CambridgePure Maths and Mathematical Statistics 1,923,014
EPSRC Centre for New Mathematical Sciences Capabilities for Healthcare TechnologiesChen, Professor KUniversity of LiverpoolMathematical Sciences 2,004,298
EPSRC Centre for Predictive Modelling in HealthcareTerry, Professor JRUniversity of ExeterMathematical Sciences 2,008,955
Fast Solvers for Real-World PDE-Constrained OptimizationPearson, Dr JUniversity of KentSch of Maths Statistics & Actuarial Scie 251,304
Fractional Variational Integration and Optimal ControlLimebeer, Professor DUniversity of OxfordEngineering Science 631,471
Geodesic ray transforms and the transport equationPaternain, Professor GUniversity of CambridgePure Maths and Mathematical Statistics 188,400
Geometrically unfitted finite element methods for inverse identification of geometries and shape optimizationBurman, Professor ENUCLMathematics 471,566
Improving patient outcome by integrating the generic with the personalShankland, Professor CEUniversity of StirlingComputing Science and Mathematics 1,228,231
Inference, COmputation and Numerics for Insights into Cities (ICONIC)Girolami, Professor MImperial College LondonDept of Mathematics 2,964,066
International Centre for Mathematical SciencesHowie, Professor JHeriot-Watt UniversityS of Mathematical and Computer Sciences 652,378
Inverse problem in energy beam controlled-depth machiningAxinte, Professor DAUniversity of NottinghamFaculty of Engineering 377,905
Inverse problems for hyperbolic partial differential equationsOksanen, Dr LUCLMathematics 629,463
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical SciencesAbrahams, Professor IDUniversity of CambridgeIsaac Newton Institute (Math Science) 5,957,239
Least Squares: Fit for the FutureScott, Professor JASTFC Laboratories (Grouped)Scientific Computing Department 970,774
Limit Analysis of Collapse States in Cellular SolidsMihai, Dr LCardiff UniversitySch of Mathematics 93,352
Macroscopic dynamics and bifurcations of active particle systemsDegond, Professor PImperial College LondonDept of Mathematics 381,011
MASDOC: A Centre for Doctoral Training in the Mathematical SciencesElliott, Professor CharlesUniversity of WarwickMathematics 4,248,510
Modelling sperm-mucus interactions across scalesKeaveny, Dr E EImperial College LondonDept of Mathematics 694,462
Multi-Scale Mathematics for Mitigating Severe Environmental EventsBokhove, Professor OUniversity of LeedsApplied Mathematics 412,525
Multiscale Modelling of Aerospace Composites: Increasing Quality, Reducing Empiricism and Challenging ConservatismButler, Professor RUniversity of BathMechanical Engineering 396,002
New combinatorial perspectives on the abelian sandpile modelSteingrimsson, Professor EUniversity of StrathclydeComputer and Information Sciences 283,426
Nonlocal Partial Differential Equations: entropies, gradient flows, phase transitions and applicationsCarrillo, Professor JImperial College LondonDept of Mathematics 449,210
Non-Markovian models of intracellular transport in a heterogeneous environmentFedotov, Professor SUniversity of Manchester, TheMathematics 371,157
Numerical analysis of adaptive UQ algorithms for PDEs with random inputsSilvester, Professor DUniversity of Manchester, TheMathematics 381,114
Numerical analysis of adaptive UQ algorithms for PDEs with random inputsBespalov, Dr AUniversity of BirminghamSchool of Mathematics 329,468
Optimal Packing & HittingJenkinson, Professor OQueen Mary, University of LondonSch of Mathematical Sciences 312,276
Painleve equations: analytical properties and numerical computationDeaño, Dr AUniversity of KentSch of Maths Statistics & Actuarial Scie 95,540
PARTIAL Analysis of Relations in Tasks of Inversion for Algorithmic LeverageValkonen, Dr TJMUniversity of LiverpoolMathematical Sciences 101,042
Positivity problems at the boundary between combinatorics and analysisSokal, Professor AUCLMathematics 836,383
Quantitative Estimates In Spectral Theory and Their ComplexityBen-Artzi, Dr JCardiff UniversitySch of Mathematics 977,978
Rapid Sperm CaptureSmith, Dr DJUniversity of BirminghamSchool of Mathematics 958,032
Research Network in the Mathematics of Inverse problemsBrown, Professor BMCardiff UniversityComputer Science 99,578
Sparsity Regularization for Inverse Problems -- Theory, Algorithm and ApplicationJin, Dr BUCLComputer Science 98,264
Statistics of fluid turbulence and operational calculusOhkitani, Professor KUniversity of SheffieldMathematics and Statistics 312,976
Stochastic transfer operator methods for modelling the vibroacoustic properties of newly emerging transport structuresChappell, Dr DNottingham Trent UniversitySchool of Science & Technology 91,532
Tensor product numerical methods for high-dimensional problems in probability and quantum calculationsDolgov, Dr SUniversity of BathMathematical Sciences 220,666
The Mathematics of Multilayer Microfluidics: analysis, hybrid modelling and novel simulations underpinning new technologies at the microscalePapageorgiou, Professor DImperial College LondonDept of Mathematics 461,979
The Parameter Optimisation Problem: Addressing a Key Challenge in Computational Systems BiologyFieldsend, Dr JUniversity of ExeterEngineering Computer Science and Maths 599,739
The Parameter Optimisation Problem: Addressing a Key Challenge in Computational Systems BiologyMillar, Professor AJUniversity of EdinburghSch of Biological Sciences 83,515
The Unified Transform, Imaging and AsymptoticsFokas, Professor AUniversity of CambridgeApplied Maths and Theoretical Physics 1,206,870
Theme 2: Multi-Physics and Multi-Functional Simulation Methods.Passmore, Professor MLoughborough UniversityAeronautical and Automotive Engineering 1,500,938
Theme 5/6 High Performance Computing (HPC) and Simulation Knowledge Mining and Abstraction (SKMA)Payne, Professor MCUniversity of CambridgePhysics 1,437,554
Variational principles for stochastic parameterisations in geophysical fluid dynamicsHolm, Professor DDImperial College LondonDept of Mathematics 773,844
Warwick EPSRC Symposium 2016-17 on Partial Differential Equations and their ApplicationsElliott, Professor CharlesUniversity of WarwickMathematics 180,120
Wegner estimates and universality for non-Hermitian matricesMezzadri, Dr FUniversity of BristolMathematics 272,934

Total Number of Grants: 69
Total Value of Grants: £71,749,239

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).