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EPSRC Support by Industrial Sector in R&D

EPSRC classifies the research it supports by industrial relevance/sector. A list of industrial sectors and their meanings are available.

Please note that the assignment of a sector to a grant indicates that the sector may apply in whole or in part to the research activity of that grant. This means that the values of grants within a classification should not be totalled to find the total investment in that area or to compare investment between areas of research. The value shown for each grant is always the total awarded, not the proportion attributed to the individual industrial sector.

Grant TitlePrincipal
OrganisationDepartmentTotal Grant
Value (£)
A 700 MHz broadband cryoprobe and NMR spectrometer at UCL ChemistryAliev, Dr AEUCLChemistry 787,000
A new algorithm to track fast ions in fusion reactorsRuprecht, Dr DUniversity of LeedsMechanical Engineering 97,707
A systematic investigation of plasmonics in the non-classical regime with two-dimensional materialsHuang, Dr FQueen's University of BelfastSch of Mathematics and Physics 99,377
Adaptive spatial control of soft x-rays for coherent microscopy applicationsO'Keeffe, Dr KSwansea UniversityCollege of Science 88,850
Advanced Inorganic Functional Materials: Floating Zone Crystal Growth SystemEvans, Dr IRDurham, University ofChemistry 401,688
Application of Nanostructured Smart Surfaces to Ophthalimic Medical DevicesWolffsohn, Professor JSAston UniversitySch of Life and Health Sciences 249,891
Armoured: Atomic R-matrix Method For Relativistic Dynamicsvan der Hart, Professor HQueen's University of BelfastSch of Mathematics and Physics 376,329
Black Hole Superradiance in Rotating FluidsWeinfurtner, Dr SUniversity of NottinghamSch of Mathematical Sciences 319,511
Black Hole Superradiance in Rotating Fluids (SURF)Faccio, Professor DFAHeriot-Watt UniversitySch of Engineering and Physical Science 333,594
Building Capability and Support in Research SoftwareCroucher, Dr MUniversity of SheffieldComputer Science 507,675
CCP Flagship: Quasiparticle Self-Consistent GW for Next-Generation Electronic Structurevan Schilfgaarde, Professor MKings College LondonPhysics 715,138
CCP5 Flagship DL_MONTE: Monte Carlo Simulation of Condensed PhasesWilding, Professor NUniversity of BathPhysics 725,606
Cooperative light propagation and spectroscopy with cold atomsRuostekoski, Professor JUniversity of SouthamptonSchool of Mathematics 325,836
Coordination Chemistry Inspired Advances in Controlled Radical PolymerisationShaver, Dr M PUniversity of EdinburghSch of Chemistry 334,935
Data-Driven Coarse-Graining using Space-Time Diffusion MapsLeimkuhler, Professor BUniversity of EdinburghSch of Mathematics 304,822
DEFCOM: Designing Eco-Friendly and COst-efficient energy MaterialsBonini, Dr NKings College LondonPhysics 330,704
DEFCOM: Designing Eco-Friendly and COst-efficient energy MaterialsReece, Professor MQueen Mary, University of LondonSchool of Engineering & Materials Scienc 395,272
Designing Out-of-Equilibrium Many-Body Quantum SystemsDaley, Professor A JUniversity of StrathclydePhysics 5,834,555
DFT+mu: A Step Change in Muon SpectroscopyBlundell, Professor SUniversity of OxfordOxford Physics 393,208
DFT+mu: a step change in muon spectroscopyPratt, Dr FLSTFC Laboratories (Grouped)ISIS Pulsed Neutron & Muon Source 58,049
DFT+mu: a step change in muon spectroscopyLancaster, Dr TDurham, University ofPhysics 393,642
Dislocation based modelling of deformation and fracture in real engineering alloysTarleton, Dr EUniversity of OxfordMaterials 668,052
Efficient modelling and validation of cryptic protein binding sites for drug discoveryGervasio, Professor FUCLChemistry 272,316
Electron-seeded pair creation in intense laser pulsesKing, Dr BUniversity of PlymouthSch of Computing & Mathematics 100,957
Engineering Living/Synthetic Hybrid Assemblies (LSHAs) as Functional Units for Synthetic BiologyElani, Dr YYImperial College LondonDept of Chemistry 294,343
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Industrially Focused Mathematical ModellingPlease, Professor CPUniversity of OxfordMathematical Institute 4,292,330
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Polymers, Soft Matter and ColloidsArmes, Professor SPUniversity of SheffieldChemistry 4,066,457
Event-based parallel computing - partially ordered event-triggered systems (POETS)Brown, Professor ADUniversity of SouthamptonElectronics and Computer Science 4,981,302
Frontier Experiments in Dynamic Extreme Conditions: The Case for Light ElementsMcWilliams, Dr R SUniversity of EdinburghSch of Physics and Astronomy 101,214
Functional Polyesters from Renewable Monomers Through a New Reaction MechanismShaver, Dr M PUniversity of EdinburghSch of Chemistry 497,594
Grand Challenge NetworkPlus in Emergence and Physics Far From Equilibrium 2016-19Galla, Dr TUniversity of Manchester, ThePhysics and Astronomy 245,063
High Five: Resolution, Sensitivity, in operando Control, Ultra High Vacuum and Ion Sectioning in a Single InstrumentAguadero, Dr AImperial College LondonMaterials 1,802,539
High Resolution ESR Spectroscopy for Catalysis ResearchMurphy, Professor DMCardiff UniversityChemistry 712,080
Hybrid PolaritonicsKavokin, Professor AUniversity of SouthamptonSchool of Physics and Astronomy 5,123,946
Investigating electron dynamics and radiation transport in solid-density plasmas using X-ray FELsVinko, Dr SMUniversity of OxfordOxford Physics 1,032,659
Laser-driven radiation beamlines at SCAPAMcKenna, Professor PUniversity of StrathclydePhysics 1,682,511
Liquid actuation based on humidity gradients: HygrotaxisLedesma Aguilar, Dr RANorthumbria, University ofFac of Engineering and Environment 97,732
Magneto-optical trapping and sympathetic cooling of moleculesTarbutt, Dr MRImperial College LondonDept of Physics 1,227,972
Many-body theory of positron interactions with atoms and moleculesGreen, Dr DGQueen's University of BelfastSch of Mathematics and Physics 259,134
Microscopic dynamics of quantized vortices in turbulent superfluid in the T=0 limitGolov, Professor AUniversity of Manchester, ThePhysics and Astronomy 922,558
Microscopic dynamics of quantized vortices in turbulent superfluid in the T=0 limitMcClintock, Professor PLancaster UniversityPhysics 693,939
Nano-Optics to controlled Nano-Chemistry Programme Grant (NOtCH)Baumberg, Professor JJUniversity of CambridgePhysics 4,644,894
Nanorad - Ultrafast, nano-scale material response to radiation and applications of ultrafast radiation sources.Zepf, Professor KMQueen's University of BelfastSch of Mathematics and Physics 1,389,644
Nanoscale metallomics and mineralization: advanced spectro-microscopy determination of the role of iron and calcium in Alzheimer's diseaseTelling, Dr NDKeele UniversityInst for Science and Tech in Medicine 337,549
Orthogonal Modules Engineered for Synthetic Protein- and Microbial-NetworksHowarth, Professor MRUniversity of OxfordBiochemistry 372,234
Phase Transitions and Non-equilibrium Dynamics in Homogeneous Quantum GasesHadzibabic, Professor ZUniversity of CambridgePhysics 1,103,985
Plasma kinetics, pre-heat, and the emergence of strong shocks in laser fusionWoolsey, Professor NUniversity of YorkPhysics 371,408
Plasma kinetics, pre-heat, and the emergence of strong shocks in laser fusionArber, Professor TUniversity of WarwickPhysics 107,841
Plasma kinetics, pre-heat, and the emergence of strong shocks in laser fusion: the hydro-kinetic regimeScott, Dr RHHSTFC Laboratories (Grouped)Central Laser Facility (CLF) 613,289
QSUM: Quantum Science with Ultracold MoleculesCornish, Professor SLDurham, University ofPhysics 6,731,104
Quantum-enhanced THz spectroscopy and imagingClerici, Dr MUniversity of GlasgowSchool of Engineering 89,314
Redrawing the boundaries: new approaches to many-body open quantum systemsNazir, Dr AUniversity of Manchester, ThePhysics and Astronomy 866,380
Research Software Engineer NetworkHettrick, Dr SJUniversity of SouthamptonElectronics and Computer Science 80,263
Semi-classical models for ultra-fast multi-electron phenomena in intense electro-magnetic laser fieldsEmmanouilidou, Dr AUCLPhysics and Astronomy 336,665
SERT: Scale-free, Energy-aware, Resilient and Transparent Adaptation of CSE Applications to Mega-core SystemsNikolopoulos, Professor DQueen's University of BelfastSch of Electronics, Elec Eng & Comp Sci 963,929
Shining light on cold atmospheric plasmas and their interaction with liquidsRitchie, Dr GADUniversity of OxfordOxford Chemistry 449,702
Shining light on cold atmospheric plasmas and their interaction with liquidsRiley, Professor DQueen's University of BelfastSch of Mathematics and Physics 246,852
Silicon quantum dots in thermoelectric material applicationsChao, Dr YBUniversity of East AngliaChemistry 6,930
Sir Henry Royce Institute - Cambridge EquipmentFriend, Professor Sir RUniversity of CambridgePhysics 10,000,000
Sir Henry Royce Institute - Imperial Build and EquipmentAlford, Professor NImperial College LondonMaterials 5,000,000
Sir Henry Royce Institute - Leeds EquipmentLinfield, Professor EHUniversity of LeedsElectronic and Electrical Engineering 4,100,000
Sir Henry Royce Institute - recurrent grantWithers, Professor PUniversity of Manchester, TheEngineering and Physical Sciences 2,117,010
Sir Henry Royce Institute - UKAEA EquipmentOBrien, Mr MREURATOM/CCFECulham Centre for Fusion Energy 3,000,000
Stain resistant paints from smart hydrophobic surfacesCarmalt, Professor CUCLChemistry 248,451
StatScale: Statistical Scalability for Streaming DataEckley, Professor IALancaster UniversityMathematics and Statistics 2,750,890
Strong Correlation meets Materials Modelling: DMFT and GW in CASTEPRefson, Professor KRoyal Holloway, Univ of LondonPhysics 283,808
Strong correlation meets materials modelling: DMFT and GW in CASTEPProbert, Professor MUniversity of YorkPhysics 22,563
Strong Correlation meets Materials Modelling: DMFT and GW in CASTEPWeber, Dr CRKings College LondonPhysics 268,181
Strong correlation meets materials modelling:DMFT and GW in CastepClark, Professor SJDurham, University ofPhysics 36,073
Synthesis and characterisation of DNA adducts derived from the bracken toxin ptaquiloside.Williams, Dr DUniversity of SheffieldChemistry 354,312
Synthetic Portabolomics: Leading the way at the crossroads of the Digital and the Bio EconomiesKrasnogor, Professor NNewcastle UniversityComputing Sciences 4,353,851
TADF Emitters for OLEDsZysman-Colman, Dr EUniversity of St AndrewsChemistry 736,091
Temperature in laser compressed high pressure solids: measurement and controlHigginbotham, Dr AUniversity of YorkPhysics 68,113
Tensor product numerical methods for high-dimensional problems in probability and quantum calculationsDolgov, Dr SUniversity of BathMathematical Sciences 220,666
Theoretical and numerical investigation of collective effects in extreme laser-plasma interactionCapdessus, Dr R JUniversity of StrathclydePhysics 268,876
Time resolved in cellulo studies on luminescent metal complex-based cell probesThomas, Professor JAUniversity of SheffieldChemistry 3,953
Time-dependent Robust Joint Modelling: Analysing a wealth of longitudinal outliersMcCrink, Dr LQueen's University of BelfastSch of Mathematics and Physics 100,419
Ultrafast laser-driven ion interactions in matter: Evolving dose distribution at the nanoscale and nonlinear responseDromey, Dr BQueen's University of BelfastSch of Mathematics and Physics 869,344
Ultralow temperature thermometry with nanoscale devicesPrance, Dr JLancaster UniversityPhysics 74,174

Total Number of Grants: 80
Total Value of Grants: £96,741,158

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).