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EPSRC Support by Research Area in Surface Science

Research areas are used to describe EPSRC's portfolio of excellent long term research and high quality postgraduate training.

Grants are classified using one or more research areas. All the grants listed below have some relevance to this research area. The value of the investment is the total awarded by EPSRC and does not reflect the proportion assigned to this research area.

We always try to ensure that grants on the web contains the most recent information but it is possible that some might be slightly out of date.

Grant TitlePrincipal
OrganisationDepartmentTotal Grant
Value (£)
Application of Nanostructured Smart Surfaces to Ophthalimic Medical DevicesWolffsohn, Professor JSAston UniversitySch of Life and Health Sciences 249,891
Building the Queen's University of Belfast AMR Network (QUBAN)Bell, Professor SEJQueen's University of BelfastSch of Chemistry and Chemical Eng 395,371
CCP Flagship: Quasiparticle Self-Consistent GW for Next-Generation Electronic Structurevan Schilfgaarde, Professor MKings College LondonPhysics 715,138
Computationally Designed Templates for Exquisite Control of Polymorphic FormPrice, Professor SLUCLChemistry 1,248,345
Control of Crystal Nucleation on SurfacesChristenson, Dr HKUniversity of LeedsPhysics and Astronomy 818,115
Cross-scale prediction of Antimicrobial Resistance: from molecules to populations.Keeling, Professor MUniversity of WarwickMathematics 501,448
ECO-SUSTAINABLE FOG COLLECTION IN ARID CLIMATESBadyal, Professor JPDurham, University ofChemistry 1,190,209
Elucidation of membrane interface chemistry for electro-chemical processesHolmes, Dr SUniversity of Manchester, TheChem Eng and Analytical Science 1,675,667
Engineering Multi-functional Nanomaterials to Treat Metastatic CancerAl-Jamal, Dr WUniversity of East AngliaPharmacy 99,870
Industrial Doctorate Centre: Micro- and NanoMaterials and TechnologiesDorey, Professor RAUniversity of SurreyMechanical Engineering Sciences 6,168,139
Influence of Surface Properties of New Biomaterials for Catheters on Bacterial Adhesion in UrineZhao, Dr QUniversity of DundeeMechanical Engineering 501,310
Mapping and controlling nucleationWynne, Professor KUniversity of GlasgowSchool of Chemistry 421,211
Mechanochemistry at the Single Bond Limit: Towards "Deterministic Epitaxy" [Resubmission]Moriarty, Professor PJUniversity of NottinghamSch of Physics & Astronomy 451,102
Mechanochemistry at the Single Bond Limit: Towards 'Deterministic Epitaxy'Kantorovich, Professor LKings College LondonPhysics 291,979
Multifunctional Scanning MicroscopyHickey, Professor BJUniversity of LeedsPhysics and Astronomy 811,642
NAMRA - Network for Antimicrobial Resistance ActionLeighton, Professor TUniversity of SouthamptonFaculty of Engineering & the Environment 868,704
Nanomanufacturing of Surfaces for Energy Efficient Icing SuppressionTiwari, Dr MUCLMechanical Engineering 100,629
Nanoscale Investigation of the Surface Reactivity of Ionic Liquids under Harsh Tribological ConditionsMangolini, Dr FUniversity of LeedsMechanical Engineering 100,665
New Frontiers in Aerosol Particle MeasurementsReid, Professor JPUniversity of BristolChemistry 324,982
Next Generation Manufacturing of 3D Active Surface CoatingsRoach, Dr PLoughborough UniversityChemistry 111,045
NISA: Novel approaches for in situ analysis of biomoleculesCooper, Professor HJUniversity of BirminghamSch of Biosciences 1,484,528
Supramolecular Nanorings for Exploring Quantum InterferenceAnderson, Professor HLUniversity of OxfordOxford Chemistry 362,292
Supramolecular Nanorings for Exploring Quantum InterferenceLambert, Professor CLancaster UniversityPhysics 227,488
Supramolecular Nanorings for Exploring Quantum InterferenceNichols, Professor RJUniversity of LiverpoolChemistry 382,696
Surface-Based Molecular Imprinting for Glycoprotein RecognitionMendes, Professor PUniversity of BirminghamChemical Engineering 1,153,218
Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance: An Interdisciplinary ApproachMalik, Dr DJLoughborough UniversityChemical Engineering 545,920
The Non-Covalent Chemistry of Complex SystemsHunter, Professor CAUniversity of CambridgeChemistry 1,931,485
Two dimensional supramolecular networks on insulators: structural organisation, fluorescence and host-guest interactionsChampness, Professor NRUniversity of NottinghamSch of Chemistry 783,422
Underpinning Multi-User Equipment At UCLPrice, Professor DUCLOffice of Vice Provost Research 1,997,856
XMaS BeamlineLucas, Professor CAUniversity of LiverpoolPhysics 6,150,850

Total Number of Grants: 32
Total Value of Grants: £32,809,948

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).