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EPSRC Support by Research Area in Solar Technology

Research areas are used to describe EPSRC's portfolio of excellent long term research and high quality postgraduate training.

Grants are classified using one or more research areas. All the grants listed below have some relevance to this research area. The value of the investment is the total awarded by EPSRC and does not reflect the proportion assigned to this research area.

We always try to ensure that grants on the web contains the most recent information but it is possible that some might be slightly out of date.

Grant TitlePrincipal
OrganisationDepartmentTotal Grant
Value (£)
"The Quantum Ratchet Concept for Ultra efficient Solar Cells"Phillips, Professor CImperial College LondonDept of Physics 1,314,144
[Newton] Advancing the efficiency and production potential of excitonic solar cells (APEX), Phase- IIUpadhyaya, Professor HMBrunel University LondonInstitute of Materials and Manufacturing 1,283,497
A National Thin-Film Cluster Facility for Advanced Functional MaterialsSnaith, Professor HJUniversity of OxfordOxford Physics 460,998
Capability for Science of the Future: Ultrafast Spectroscopy Laser Centre at Sheffield, USLSWeinstein, Professor JAUniversity of SheffieldChemistry 175,336
Capacitance spectroscopy led process innovations to improve VOC in CdTe thin film solar cellsMajor, Dr JDUniversity of LiverpoolPhysics 810,102
Creating electricity by reducing cost, Payback time and Carbon footprint - An exploitation of a novel method into manufacturing c-Si PV solar CellsPaul, Dr SDe Montfort UniversityEngineering 34,196
CZTSSe Solar Cells from Nanoparticle InksZoppi, Dr GNorthumbria, University ofFac of Engineering and Environment 98,071
Designer Oxides: Reactive-Oxide Molecular Beam Epitaxy SystemWahl, Dr PUniversity of St AndrewsPhysics and Astronomy 147,434
Development of a new generation of high efficiency heat pumps using pre-heated air supplyMaidment, Professor GGLondon South Bank UniversityFac of Eng Science & Built Env 61,254
Energy Resilient Manufacturing 2: Enabling Practical TPVs for Waste Heat RecoveryKrier, Professor ALancaster UniversityPhysics 608,817
Engineering energetic barriers to bimolecular recombination in polymer/fullerene solar cellsClarke, Dr T MUCLChemistry 984,957
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Integrated Photonic and Electronic SystemsSeeds, Professor AJUCLElectronic and Electrical Engineering 4,259,176
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in New and Sustainable PVDurose, Professor KUniversity of LiverpoolPhysics 5,260,808
Flexible Routes to Liquid Fuels from CO2 by Advanced Catalysis and EngineeringRosseinsky, Professor MUniversity of LiverpoolChemistry 1,804,265
High resolution mapping of performance and degradation mechanisms in printable photovoltaic devicesNelson, Professor JImperial College LondonDept of Physics 1,035,857
High Temperature, High Efficiency PV-Thermal Solar SystemEkins-Daukes, Dr NJImperial College LondonDept of Physics 1,108,936
HI-PROSPECTS - HIgh resolution PRinting Of Solar Photovoltaic EleCTrode StructuresJewell, Dr EHSwansea UniversityCollege of Engineering 300,702
HI-PROSPECTS - HIgh resolution PRinting Of Solar Photovoltaic EleCTrode StructuresStark, Professor JPWQueen Mary, University of LondonSchool of Engineering & Materials Scienc 247,698
Improved surface passivation for semiconductor solar cellsBonilla Osorio, Dr RSUniversity of OxfordMaterials 375,603
Improved Understanding, Development and Optimisation of Perovskite-based Solar CellsWalls, Professor JMLoughborough UniversityWolfson Sch of Mech, Elec & Manufac Eng 800,500
Indiacool - UK-India Solar Cooling Innovation (Energy Catalyst Mid-stage Programme)Markides, Dr CNImperial College LondonDepartment of Chemical Engineering 100,059
Joint UK-India Clean Energy Centre (JUICE)Gottschalg, Professor RLoughborough UniversityWolfson Sch of Mech, Elec & Manufac Eng 5,094,437
Long-Range Charge and Energy Transfer at Heterojunctions for Photovoltaics Beyond the Shockley-Queisser LimitRao, Dr AUniversity of CambridgePhysics 1,036,928
Low Cost Solution Processed CIGS Solar CellsWalls, Professor JMLoughborough UniversityWolfson Sch of Mech, Elec & Manufac Eng 206,293
Materials for Renewable Energy NaturE's Way (RENEW)Ungar, Professor GUniversity of SheffieldMaterials Science and Engineering 541,848
Modular system for production of heating, cooling and electricity using ejector-boosted absorptionEndrino Armenteros, Professor JCranfield UniversitySch of Aerospace, Transport & Manufact 65,943
Newton Fund: A High Efficiency, Low Cost and Building Integratable Solar Photovoltaic/Thermal System for Space Heating, Hot Water and Power SupplyZhao, Professor XUniversity of HullEngineering 387,416
Newton Fund: A High Efficiency, Low Cost and Building Integratable Solar Photovoltaic/Thermal System for Space Heating, Hot Water and Power SupplyManika, Dr DQueen Mary, University of LondonSchool of Business and Management 103,219
Newton Fund: Practical hydrogen fuelled vehicles for ChinaCooper, Professor AUniversity of LiverpoolChemistry 427,527
Newton Fund-Integrating water cooled concentrated photovoltaics with waste heat reuseBalabani, Dr SUCLMechanical Engineering 72,518
Organic-inorganic perovskite hybrid tandem solar cellsSnaith, Professor HJUniversity of OxfordOxford Physics 696,405
OSI - One Step Interconnect for Thin Film PV ModulesWalls, Professor JMLoughborough UniversityWolfson Sch of Mech, Elec & Manufac Eng 217,757
Perovskite Heterostructures by Vapour DepositionJohnston, Professor MBUniversity of OxfordOxford Physics 1,133,067
Photonic fibre technologies for solar fuels catalysisSazio, Dr PUniversity of SouthamptonOptoelectronics Research Centre 486,940
Plasma-based synthesis of low-cost and environmentally friendly quantum dots with tailored energy band structureMariotti, Professor DUniversity of UlsterNanotechnology and Adv Materials Inst 419,837
Rational design of solid-state semiconductor-sensitized solar cells: from materials modelling to device fabricationGiustino, Professor FUniversity of OxfordMaterials 989,490
Reducing the Cost of Solar Thermal: Integrating a Novel Freeze Tolerance Approach with Flat Plate Solar Thermal PanelsO'Donovan, Dr TSHeriot-Watt UniversitySch of Engineering and Physical Science 100,034
Scalable Solar Thermoelectrics and Photovaltaics. (SUNTRAP)Knox, Professor ARUniversity of GlasgowSchool of Engineering 2,455,231
SCORRES: Smart Control of Rural Renewable Energy & StorageOwens, Dr EHHeriot-Watt UniversitySch of Energy, Geosci, Infrast & Society 99,917
Singlet Fission Photon Multipliers - Adding Efficiency to Silicon Solar CellsGreenham, Professor NUniversity of CambridgePhysics 809,851
Solar FuelsDurrant, Professor JRImperial College LondonDept of Chemistry 252,971
Solar fuels from sustainable feedstock using Earth-abundant catalysts: Can light drive affordable electrocatalysts for fuel production?Weinstein, Professor JAUniversity of SheffieldChemistry 199,581
Solar Nano-Grids: An appropriate solution for meeting community energy needs?Brown, Dr ELoughborough UniversityGeography 426,089
Solar OilTonnellier, Dr XCranfield UniversitySch of Aerospace, Transport & Manufact 40,313
Solar Powered Thermochemical Energy StorageRiffat, Professor SUniversity of NottinghamFaculty of Engineering 512,576
Solar Steam - A novel application of Fresnel lenses as a solar thermal collector to benefit industryTonnellier, Dr XCranfield UniversitySch of Aerospace, Transport & Manufact 102,429
SPECIFIC IKC Phase 2Worsley, Professor DSwansea UniversityCollege of Engineering 1,131,830
SuperSilicon PV: extending the limits of material performanceMurphy, Dr JDUniversity of WarwickSch of Engineering 1,293,323
SuperSolar Hub ExtensionWalls, Professor JMLoughborough UniversityWolfson Sch of Mech, Elec & Manufac Eng 856,808
SUPERSOLAR Solar Energy HubWalls, Professor JMLoughborough UniversityWolfson Sch of Mech, Elec & Manufac Eng 4,088,360
Thermally-driven solar air conditioning (TSAC)Grant, Professor DMUniversity of NottinghamFaculty of Engineering 202,437
Transformational concepts in window electrode design for emerging thin film photovoltaicsHatton, Dr RAUniversity of WarwickChemistry 1,151,002
TUPROOFS - Thermal under PV Roofing SIPPeng, Dr JUniversity of HertfordshireSchool of Engineering and Technology 100,354
Utilisation of Solar Energy and Electrocatalytic Processes for the Low Energy Conversion of CO2 to Fuels and ChemicalsCatlow, Professor RCardiff UniversityChemistry 1,296,214
Whole System Impacts and Socio-economics of wide scale PV integration (WISE PV)Mutale, Dr JUniversity of Manchester, TheElectrical and Electronic Engineering 1,139,185
Workshop: Introducing Zero-carbon Construction Sites (WIZCS)Tutesigensi, Dr AUniversity of LeedsCivil Engineering 19,379

Total Number of Grants: 56
Total Value of Grants: £49,429,916

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).