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EPSRC Support by Research Area in Engineering Design

Research areas are used to describe EPSRC's portfolio of excellent long term research and high quality postgraduate training.

Grants are classified using one or more research areas. All the grants listed below have some relevance to this research area. The value of the investment is the total awarded by EPSRC and does not reflect the proportion assigned to this research area.

We always try to ensure that grants on the web contains the most recent information but it is possible that some might be slightly out of date.

Grant TitlePrincipal
OrganisationDepartmentTotal Grant
Value (£)
2-D Forming of Low Cost Steered Fibre LaminatesHarrison, Dr PUniversity of GlasgowCollege of Science and Engineering 383,551
2-D forming of low cost steered fibre laminatesPotluri, Professor PUniversity of Manchester, TheMaterials 33,009
2-D forming of low cost steered fibre laminates.Potter, Professor KUniversity of BristolAerospace Engineering 28,492
A Step Change in LMIC Prosthetics Provision through Computer Aided Design, Actimetry and Database TechnologiesDickinson, Dr AUniversity of SouthamptonFaculty of Engineering & the Environment 909,511
Adaptive Tools for Electromagnetics and Materials Modelling to Bridge the Gap between Design and Manufacturing (AOTOMAT)Hao, Professor YQueen Mary University of LondonSch of Electronic Eng & Computer Science 935,611
ALF: Additive Layer Flexomer manufacturingStevens, Professor RNottingham Trent UniversitySchool of Science & Technology 172,961
An integrated (ICME) approach to multiscale modelling of the fabrication and joining of powder processed partsBrooks, Professor JWUniversity of BirminghamMetallurgy and Materials 1,003,550
Balancing the impact of City Infrastructure Engineering on Natural systems using RobotsPurnell, Professor PUniversity of LeedsCivil Engineering 4,217,380
Biohaviour - Building the Blind WatchmakerPrice, Professor MQueen's University of BelfastSch Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 792,707
Building Capability and Support in Research SoftwareCroucher, Dr MUniversity of SheffieldComputer Science 507,675
Citizen Nature WatchPhillips, Dr RRoyal College of ArtSchool of Design 351,880
Citizen NaturewatchGaver, Professor WGoldsmiths CollegeDesign 771,440
Cradle-to-Grave Life Cycle Prediction of Automotive Materials and Systems in Service: Impact of Ageing on PerformanceSoutis, Professor CUniversity of Manchester, TheMaterials 1,013,641
DERC: Digital Economy Research CentreOlivier, Professor PNewcastle UniversitySch of Computer Science 4,051,357
Design Assistant for Semantic Comparison of Intellectual Property (DASCIP)Atherton, Professor MBrunel University LondonInstitute of Materials and Manufacturing 266,875
Design for Hybrid Manufacture - DHARMADhokia, Dr VUniversity of BathMechanical Engineering 260,773
Design Mining: A Microbial Fuel Cell Pilot StudyBull, Professor LUniversity of the West of EnglandFaculty of Environment and Technology 298,433
Design processes based on human development for additive manufacturingShepherd, Professor DUniversity of BirminghamMechanical Engineering 234,929
Design the Future 2: Enabling Design Re-use through Predictive CADCorney, Professor JUniversity of StrathclydeDesign Manufacture and Engineering Man 587,009
Design Your Own Future: Supporting Networked Design ExpertiseKirk, Professor DNorthumbria, University ofFac of Engineering and Environment 142,188
Designing Nanosystems: the CMOS WayChoubey, Professor BUniversity of OxfordEngineering Science 298,001
Designing the Future: Resilient Trans-Disciplinary Design EngineersNewnes, Professor LBUniversity of BathMechanical Engineering 1,787,703
Digital City ExchangeGann, Professor DImperial College LondonImperial College Business School 5,930,480
Digital twins for improved dynamic designWagg, Professor DJUniversity of SheffieldMechanical Engineering 5,112,624
Embedded Integrated Intelligent Systems for ManufacturingWest, Professor AALoughborough UniversityWolfson Sch of Mech, Elec & Manufac Eng 1,608,257
Embedding Manufacturing Development into Formulation Research (EMFormR)Rodgers, Dr TLUniversity of Manchester, TheChem Eng and Analytical Science 94,900
Embedding measured data within a computational framework for vibro-acoustic designMoorhouse, Professor ATUniversity of SalfordSch of Computing, Science & Engineering 495,573
Enabling Next Generation Additive ManufacturingHague, Professor RJUniversity of NottinghamFaculty of Engineering 5,852,466
Engineering Comes HomeBell, Dr SJUCLCivil Environmental and Geomatic Eng 296,437
Engineering Doctoral Centre in High Value, Low Environmental Impact ManufacturingBhattacharyya, Prof Lord SUniversity of WarwickWMG 1,250,000
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Machining ScienceMarshall, Dr MBJUniversity of SheffieldMechanical Engineering 2,704,043
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Computational ModellingHawke, Dr IUniversity of SouthamptonFaculty of Engineering & the Environment 3,941,016
Feasibility of cognitive based Computer Aided Engineering Design (CAED)Coyle, Professor DHUniversity of UlsterSch of Computing & Intelligent Systems 147,142
Feasibility of cognitive based Computer Aided Engineering Design (CAED)Duffy, Professor AUniversity of StrathclydeDesign Manufacture and Engineering Man 908,946
Flow induced crystallisation in polymers: from molecules to processingGraham, Dr RSUniversity of NottinghamSch of Mathematical Sciences 937,655
From Human Data to Personal ExperienceMcAuley, Professor DUniversity of NottinghamHorizon Digital Economy Research 4,062,954
FUNDAMENTAL STUDIES ON ORGANIC RANKINE CYCLE EXPANDERS (NextORC)Sayma, Professor ACity, University of LondonSch of Engineering and Mathematical Sci 660,668
Hybrid Additive Manufactured-Aramid fibre body armourJohnson, Dr AALoughborough UniversityLoughborough Design School 100,699
In silico evaluation of manufacturing concepts for non-Newtonian productsProsser, Dr RUniversity of Manchester, TheMechanical Aerospace and Civil Eng 184,824
Industrial Doctorate Centre: Sustainability for Engineering and Energy SystemsFrance, Professor CUniversity of SurreyCentre for Environmental Strategy 6,044,904
iNEED (including Non-destructive Evaluation in Engineered Design)Mulholland, Professor AUniversity of StrathclydeMathematics and Statistics 516,920
Inline virtual qualification from 3D X-ray imaging for high-value manufacturingEvans, Dr LSwansea UniversityCollege of Engineering 1,025,110
Intelligent Mobile Crowd Design PlatformKristensson, Dr PUniversity of CambridgeEngineering 289,525
Inter-disciplinary Engineering Approach to Systems (IdEAS)Crilly, Dr NUniversity of CambridgeEngineering 1,217,208
Knowledge Driven Configurable Manufacturing (KDCM)Harrison, Professor RUniversity of WarwickWMG 1,928,198
LightForm: Embedding Materials Engineering in Manufacturing with Light AlloysPrangnell, Professor PUniversity of Manchester, TheMaterials 4,827,337
Modelling supply chain optimisation in the food and beverages industry: Helping SMEs in South West England work towards the circular economyBoehm, Professor SUniversity of ExeterManagement 391,325
Network Plus: Industrial Systems in the Digital AgeSharples, Professor SUniversity of NottinghamFaculty of Engineering 1,003,586
New Industrial Systems: Chatty FactoriesBurnap, Dr PCardiff UniversityComputer Science 1,467,376
Optimization for robust design: Integrating model-based systems engineering with multi-criteria decision-making support in a distributed frameworkFleming, Professor PJUniversity of SheffieldAutomatic Control and Systems Eng 1,074,429
Passively Powered Non-invasive Human Body Sensing on Bio-Degradable Conformal SubstratesCasson, Dr AJUniversity of Manchester, TheElectrical and Electronic Engineering 655,878
Passively Powered Non-invasive Human Body Sensing on Bio-Degradable Conformal SubstratesBatchelor, Professor JUniversity of KentSch of Engineering & Digital Arts 649,398
Prototyping Open Innovation Models for ICT-Enabled Manufacturing in Food and PackagingBaurley, Professor SRoyal College of ArtSchool of Design 1,673,748
Quiet Aerofoils of the Next GenerationPinelli, Professor ACity, University of LondonSch of Engineering and Mathematical Sci 260,781
QUIET AEROFOILS OF THE NEXT GENERATIONJoseph, Professor PUniversity of SouthamptonFaculty of Engineering & the Environment 287,665
Quiet aerofoils of the next generationChoi, Professor KUniversity of NottinghamFaculty of Engineering 276,466
Quiet aerofoils of the next generationChong, Dr TPBrunel University LondonMechanical and Aerospace Engineering 254,837
Rational design of functional porous macromolecular materials: Evolutionary algorithms and multiscale modellingNelson, Professor JImperial College LondonDept of Physics 651,117
REBUILD - REgenerative BUILDings and products for a circular economyHopkinson, Professor PUniversity of BradfordFaculty of Management and Law 1,034,547
Research Software Engineering Fellowship - Software for Textile Modelling and SimulationBrown, Dr LUniversity of NottinghamDiv of Materials Mech and Structures 384,850
Resilient remanufacturing networks: forecasting, informatics and holonsSyntetos, Professor ACardiff UniversityCardiff Business School 411,898
Self-Resilient Reconfigurable Assembly Systems with In-process Quality ImprovementCeglarek, Professor DUniversity of WarwickWMG 2,002,994
SIMulation of new manufacturing PROcesses for Composite Structures (SIMPROCS)Hallett, Professor SRUniversity of BristolAerospace Engineering 1,115,704
Socio-technical materials for prosthetic handsPullin, Dr GMUniversity of DundeeSocial Digital 230,357
Stochastic nonlinear aeroelastic models subject to unsteady loadsHaddad Khodaparast, Dr H HSwansea UniversityCollege of Engineering 100,914
Structural Efficiency and Multi-Functionality of Well-Behaved Nonlinear Composite StructuresPirrera, Dr AUniversity of BristolAerospace Engineering 866,291
Structured electrodes for improved energy storageGrant, Professor PUniversity of OxfordMaterials 693,552
Tailorable & Adaptive Connected Digital Additive Manufacturing (TACDAM)Panoutsos, Dr GUniversity of SheffieldAutomatic Control and Systems Eng 221,611
Techniques for Nonlinear Real-time Hybrid Testingdu Bois, Dr J LUniversity of BathMechanical Engineering 101,247
Thales-Bristol Partnership in Hybrid Autonomous Systems Engineering (T-B PHASE)Bullock, Professor SUniversity of BristolComputer Science 2,050,757
The Centre in Advanced Fluid Engineering for Digital Manufacturing (CAFE4DM)Hardacre, Professor CUniversity of Manchester, TheChem Eng and Analytical Science 3,097,928
The Digital Economy Innovation CentreSas, Dr CLancaster UniversityComputing & Communications 5,973,032
The Language of Collaborative ManufacturingHicks, Professor BJUniversity of BristolMechanical Engineering 1,877,604
Theme 1 - Analysis of the Vehicle as a Complex SystemDickerson, Professor CLoughborough UniversityWolfson Sch of Mech, Elec & Manufac Eng 1,472,959
Theme 3: Driving SimulationMarkkula, Dr GUniversity of LeedsInstitute for Transport Studies 1,121,446
Theme 5/6 High Performance Computing (HPC) and Simulation Knowledge Mining and Abstraction (SKMA)Payne, Professor MCUniversity of CambridgePhysics 1,437,554
Through-life performance: From science to instrumentationRoy, Professor RCranfield UniversitySch of Aerospace, Transport & Manufact 1,228,367
Vertical Lift NetworkFilippone, Dr AUniversity of Manchester, TheMechanical Aerospace and Civil Eng 145,535
Whole systems understanding of unavoidable food supply chain wastes for re-nutritionMatharu, Dr AUniversity of YorkChemistry 822,615

Total Number of Grants: 81
Total Value of Grants: £107,380,530

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).