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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
A Fully-Automated Robotic System For Intelligent Chemical Reaction ScreeningFairlamb, Professor IJUniversity of York 201,478 01 Aug 2018
A Unified Multiple Access Framework for Next Generation Mobile Networks By Removing Orthogonality (MANGO)Ding, Professor ZUniversity of Manchester, The 244,458 03 Aug 2018
ACCEPT: Addressing Cybersecurity and Cybercrime via a co-Evolutionary aPproach to reducing human-relaTed risksLi, Professor SUniversity of Kent 767,982 20 Jul 2018
Adelic models, rigidity and equivariant cohomologyGreenlees, Professor JUniversity of Warwick 278,916 30 Jul 2018
AGILE - Aggregators as diGital Intermediaries in Local Electricity markets: EPSRC/ESC Follow on FundingVarga, Professor LECranfield University 719,499 27 Jul 2018
Application by the School of Chemistry and the School of Pharmacy, University of East Anglia, for enhanced single-crystal X-ray diffraction facilitiesBochmann, Professor MUniversity of East Anglia 616,064 02 Aug 2018
Developing Highly efficient HTS AC windings for fully superconducting machinesZhang, Dr MUniversity of Strathclyde 25,908 12 Jul 2018
Developing Superconducting Fault Current Limiters (SFCLs) for Distributed Electric Propulsion AircraftPei, Dr XUniversity of Bath 184,035 09 Aug 2018
EPSRC/ESC Follow on Funding: Operationalising Socio-Technical Energy TransitionsStrachan, Professor NUCL 510,111 27 Jul 2018
HAROLDMerat, Professor NUniversity of Leeds 415,448 24 Jul 2018
HAROLD: HAzards, ROad Lighting and DrivingFotios, Professor SAUniversity of Sheffield 578,684 24 Jul 2018
Insulation degradation and lifetime of inverter-fed machines with fast switching (high dv/dt) convertersWang, Professor JUniversity of Sheffield 1,199,232 26 Jul 2018
LIVEBIO: Light-weight Verification for Synthetic BiologyKonur, Dr SUniversity of Bradford 352,363 25 Jul 2018
LOCORPS: Lowering the Costs of Railways using Preformed SystemsWoodward, Professor PKUniversity of Leeds 187,073 26 Jul 2018
MAN^3: huMAN-inspired robotic MANipulation for advanced MANufacturingJamone, Dr LQueen Mary University of London 310,597 25 Jul 2018
Maximising Shared Capability of the Ultrafast Spectroscopy Laser Laboratory at SheffieldWeinstein, Professor JAUniversity of Sheffield 199,278 01 Aug 2018
Maximising usage of Chameleon Ultra II laser systemMuskens, Professor OUniversity of Southampton 162,725 01 Aug 2018
Nanomechanical Testing in Controlled Environments and in the TEM (Nano-TCT)Derby, Professor BUniversity of Manchester, The 911,357 06 Aug 2018
New techniques for old problems in number theoryChow, Dr SUniversity of Oxford 280,032 06 Aug 2018
Novel Enhanced Sampling Methods in Multiscale ModelingRosta, Dr EKings College London 819,960 13 Jul 2018
REDAEM: Anion-Exchange Membranes for Reverse ElectrodialysisVarcoe, Professor JRUniversity of Surrey 429,829 24 Jul 2018
REDAEM: Anion-Exchange Membranes for Reverse ElectrodialysisFerrari, Dr MUniversity of Edinburgh 349,186 24 Jul 2018
Resurgence and parametric asymptotics: exact results at all scalesVarela Aniceto, Dr IUniversity of Southampton 426,226 08 Aug 2018
Simultaneously Wireless InFormation and energy Transfer (SWIFT)Ding, Professor ZUniversity of Manchester, The 97,239 03 Aug 2018
Solar Optofluidics (SOLO): Water Splitting beyond the 1.23 eV Thermodynamic ConstraintsXuan, Dr JLoughborough University 83,676 19 Jul 2018
Surgery enabled by ultrasonicsLucas, Professor MUniversity of Glasgow 6,114,693 16 Jul 2018
THz Antenna Fabrication and Measurement Facilities (TERRA)Hao, Professor YQueen Mary University of London 1,232,783 02 Aug 2018
Towards a 3D printed terahertz circuit technology.Lancaster, Professor MUniversity of Birmingham 616,521 03 Aug 2018
Understanding Information Leakage in Searchable EncryptionWarinschi, Professor BUniversity of Bristol 22,020 08 Aug 2018
Using Epigenetically-Inspired Connectionist Models to Provide Transparency In The Modelling of Human Visceral LeismaniasisTurner, Dr AUniversity of Hull 90,691 07 Aug 2018

Total Number of Grants: 31
Total Value of Grants: £18,450,834

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).