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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
4D TQFT and categorified Hall algebrasKremnizer, Dr YUniversity of Oxford 595,108 29 Jun 2017
A bulk MgB2 magnet demonstrator for biomedical applicationsDurrell, Dr JHUniversity of Cambridge 253,977 07 Jul 2017
A bulk MgB2 magnet demonstrator for biomedical applicationsHills, Dr MJSTFC Laboratories (Grouped) 314,115 07 Jul 2017
A bulk MgB2 magnet demonstrator for biomedical applicationsSpeller, Professor SUniversity of Oxford 469,147 07 Jul 2017
A geometric view of extremes in dynamical systemsHolland, Dr MPUniversity of Exeter 344,231 27 Jun 2017
A Hybrid PV-Battery Unit Optimised for LV Grids Using GaN TransistorsCross, Dr ALoughborough University 96,625 03 Jul 2017
A tool for atomic scale simulation of corrosion: applications to Mg and Ti alloysPaxton, Professor ATKings College London 451,568 10 Jul 2017
A tool for atomic scale simulation of corrosion: applications to Mg and Ti alloysHorsfield, Dr APImperial College London 488,327 10 Jul 2017
Adaptive Decision Making for Urban Energy TransformationRoelich, Dr KUniversity of Leeds 825,888 23 Jun 2017
Algorithms on rank aggregation for preference orderingsLin, Dr ZUniversity of Ulster 100,781 11 Jul 2017
ALPACA: Axial-Lateral Chalk Analysis for Piles Applying multi-scale field and laboratory testingJardine, Professor RImperial College London 1,121,309 13 Jul 2017
Atom-based Quantum PhotonicsHughes, Professor IGDurham, University of 1,276,337 10 Jul 2017
Bifunctional Hybrid Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution and Oxygen Reduction ReactionsJorge Sobrido, Dr AQueen Mary, University of London 101,061 04 Jul 2017
Bioresorbable 2D and 3D ordered mesoporous phosphate glasses for bone tissue regeneration and drug deliveryCarta, Dr DUniversity of Surrey 100,976 23 Jun 2017
Bringing the Mediterranean to Birmingham: impact and adaptation for 8-12 degrees of warmingSAKAMOTO FERRANTI, Dr EUniversity of Birmingham 320,506 23 Jun 2017
Cambridge Theory of Condensed Matter Group -Critical Mass GrantPayne, Professor MCUniversity of Cambridge 2,023,484 10 Jul 2017
Catalytic Synthesis and Functionalisation of a Universal Aryl-Sulfur IntermediateBall, Dr LUniversity of Nottingham 100,733 13 Jul 2017
Computing and inverting the signatures of rough pathsBoedihardjo, Dr HUniversity of Reading 100,853 27 Jun 2017
Contactless Ultrasonic Processing for Liquid MetalsGriffiths, Dr WDUniversity of Birmingham 434,198 03 Jul 2017
Contactless Ultrasonic Processing for Liquid MetalsPericleous, Professor AUniversity of Greenwich 364,031 03 Jul 2017
Contactless Ultrasonic Processing for Liquid MetalsO'Reilly, Professor KUniversity of Oxford 300,210 28 Jun 2017
Control and Spectroscopy of Excited States of PositroniumCassidy, Dr DUCL 802,355 07 Jul 2017
Converter ArchitecturesYuan, Dr XUniversity of Bristol 1,259,400 28 Jun 2017
Customized and Adaptive approach for Optimal Cybersecurity InvestmentMalacaria, Professor PQueen Mary, University of London 388,777 11 Jul 2017
Customized and Adaptive approach for Optimal Cybersecurity InvestmentHankin, Professor CImperial College London 386,129 11 Jul 2017
Deformations of Saito-Kurokawa type Galois representationsBerger, Dr TTUniversity of Sheffield 331,917 26 Jun 2017
Design the Future 2: CrowdDesignVRKristensson, Dr PUniversity of Cambridge 560,504 12 Jul 2017
Design the Future 2: Enabling Design Re-use through Predictive CADCorney, Professor JUniversity of Strathclyde 587,009 12 Jul 2017
Design the Future 2: Thinking Soils: Engineered bacteria as computational agents in the design and manufacture of new materials and structuresDade-Robertson, Dr MNewcastle University 598,309 22 Jun 2017
Designing and Engineering Soundscapes To enable Restorative Environments for Sustainable Societies (DeStress)Payne, Dr S RHeriot-Watt University 100,908 13 Jul 2017
Development of Advanced Ceramic Breeder Materials for Fusion EnergyMurphy, Dr SLancaster University 100,914 07 Jul 2017
Efficient forward uncertainty propagation strategies in complex systemsCicirello, Dr AUniversity of Oxford 4,195 06 Jul 2017
Enabling Double Perovskite Solar CellsDocampo, Dr PNewcastle University 101,100 04 Jul 2017
Enabling Next Generation Additive ManufacturingHague, Professor RJUniversity of Nottingham 5,852,466 29 Jun 2017
End Use Energy Demand Research ChampionEyre, Dr NJUniversity of Oxford 122,585 29 Jun 2017
EPSRC 1st Grant: "Compact Modular Multilevel Converters for Offshore Wind Integration"Costabeber, Dr AUniversity of Nottingham 101,152 22 Jun 2017
Extreme wind and wave loads on the next generation of offshore wind turbinesAdcock, Dr TUniversity of Oxford 797,824 30 Jun 2017
FENGBO-WIND - Farming the ENvironment into the Grid: Big data in Offshore WindGraham, Professor JMImperial College London 812,415 30 Jun 2017
Flexible and stretchable force sensor for static and dynamic measurements (FlexFo)Mastropaolo, Dr EUniversity of Edinburgh 100,965 13 Jul 2017
FNR-The Development of Experimentally Validated Numerical Design Tools for Ideal Solar Selective AbsorbersHassan, Professor OSwansea University 315,556 13 Jul 2017
Friction: The Tribology EnigmaNeville, Professor AUniversity of Leeds 5,689,042 29 Jun 2017
Hot-electron quantum optics (HEQO)Emary, Dr CNewcastle University 252,481 13 Jul 2017
Hybrid Set-theoretic Approaches for Constrained Control and Estimation with Applications to Autonomous Sailing BoatsWan, Dr JUniversity of Plymouth 90,722 13 Jul 2017
Hydrophobic Gating in Membrane Nanopores: Water at the NanoscaleSansom, Professor MUniversity of Oxford 379,691 13 Jul 2017
Hydrophosphination Catalysis Using Low-Coordinate Iron ComplexesKays, Dr DLUniversity of Nottingham 387,388 07 Jul 2017
Increasing bearing life by combining a novel manufacturing bearing steel process with multiscale modelling techniquesRivera, Dr PLancaster University 117,099 14 Jul 2017
Integrable turbulence and rogue waves: semi-classical nonlinear Schrödinger equation frameworkEl, Dr GLoughborough University 270,325 27 Jun 2017
Integrated microfluidic platform with MEMS cantilever for the early detection of prostate cancer using dry mass sensingCharmet, Dr JUniversity of Warwick 101,079 23 Jun 2017
Interlocked fullerene and endohedral metallofullerene hosts for molecular machine-like sensingBeer, Professor PDUniversity of Oxford 875,651 06 Jul 2017
Investigation of the novel challenges of an integrated offshore multi-purpose platformCollu, Dr MCranfield University 766,238 30 Jun 2017
LightForm: Embedding Materials Engineering in Manufacturing with Light AlloysPrangnell, Professor PUniversity of Manchester, The 4,827,337 27 Jun 2017
Microcavity polaritons in atomically thin semiconductors and heterostructures: many-body and nonlinear phenomenaTartakovskii, Professor AUniversity of Sheffield 1,234,905 11 Jul 2017
Microwave assisted pretreatment of lignocellulosic residues for better performance as solid fuels in fluidzsed bed (FB) energy production technologiesSkoulou, Dr V(University of Hull 99,779 27 Jun 2017
Model constrained x-ray tomographic reconstruction, a blueprint for better imagesBlumensath, Dr TUniversity of Southampton 505,019 13 Jul 2017
Modelling, Optimisation and Design of Conversion for Offshore Renewable Energy (UK-China MOD-CORE)McDonald, Dr A SUniversity of Strathclyde 809,108 30 Jun 2017
Molecular Microcavity Photon SourceHinds, Professor EAImperial College London 943,335 10 Jul 2017
Multi-Domain Self-Assembled Gels: From Multi-Component Materials to Spatial and Temporal Control of Multi-Component BiologySmith, Professor DKUniversity of York 359,780 05 Jul 2017
Multi-Domain Virtual Prototyping Techniques for Wide-Bandgap Power ElectronicsEvans, Dr PLUniversity of Nottingham 1,079,258 28 Jun 2017
Multi-Scale Framework for Quantum Mechanical Simulations of Organic ElectronicsRatcliff, Dr L EImperial College London 849,159 10 Jul 2017
Multispectral polarization-resolved endoscopy and vision for intraoperative imaging of tissue microstructure and functionStoyanov, Dr DUCL 346,712 23 Jun 2017
Multispectral polarization-resolved endoscopy and vision for intraoperative imaging of tissue microstructure and functionElson, Professor DImperial College London 403,245 23 Jun 2017
Nanoengineered microneedle arrays for enhanced plasmonic photothermal therapy of basal cell carcinoma.Donnelly, Professor RQueen's University of Belfast 821,430 28 Jun 2017
New Air Interface Techniques for Future Massive Machine CommunicationsXiao, Professor PUniversity of Surrey 498,315 03 Jul 2017
New Air Interface Techniques for Future Massive Machine-Type CommunicationsYang, Professor LUniversity of Southampton 356,806 03 Jul 2017
New developments in non-reversible Markov chain Monte CarloSherlock, Dr CLancaster University 333,391 26 Jun 2017
Non-ergodic dynamics and topological-sector fluctuations in layered high-temperature superconductorsFaulkner, Dr M FUniversity of Bristol 293,118 06 Jul 2017
Nonlinear geometric inverse problemsPaternain, Professor GUniversity of Cambridge 325,635 26 Jun 2017
Nonlinear geometric inverse problemsKurylev, Professor VUCL 124,802 27 Jun 2017
Nonlinear Optics and Dynamics of Relativistically Transparent PlasmasMcKenna, Professor PUniversity of Strathclyde 1,142,303 07 Jul 2017
Optimal transport and geometric analysisMondino, Dr AUniversity of Warwick 101,150 27 Jun 2017
Optimization models for interpretable analytics.Martin-Barragan, Dr BUniversity of Edinburgh 100,577 29 Jun 2017
ORE SuperGen Leader Deborah GreavesGreaves, Professor DUniversity of Plymouth 147,890 22 Jun 2017
Overseas Travel Grant: Numerical Simulation and Modelling of Turbulent Premixed Flames with Detailed ChemistryAspden, Dr AJNewcastle University 7,827 10 Jul 2017
Packing and labelling large-scale graphsBoettcher, Dr JLondon School of Economics & Pol Sci 97,801 26 Jun 2017
Photonic integration of 2D materials for room temperature single photon generationLuxmoore, Dr I JUniversity of Exeter 100,266 04 Jul 2017
Poised Fragment Libraries for Atypical Bromodomain InhibitionSpencer, Professor JUniversity of Sussex 428,829 04 Jul 2017
Putting Chaos to Work: Multi-Photon Entanglement in Complex Scattering MediaMalik, Dr MHeriot-Watt University 1,191,690 12 Jul 2017
Quantum vortex reconnections in trapped Bose-Einstein condensatesBarenghi, Professor CFNewcastle University 374,496 06 Jul 2017
Realibility, Condition Monitoring and Health Management Technologies for WBG Power ModulesAlatise, Dr OUniversity of Warwick 1,218,122 28 Jun 2017
Refactoring Energy SystemsChitchyan, Dr RUniversity of Leicester 952,931 23 Jun 2017
Regularity in affiliated von Neumann algebras and applications to partial differential equationsRuzhansky, Professor MImperial College London 398,940 29 Jun 2017
Relativistic Electron VorticesBarnett, Professor SUniversity of Glasgow 204,146 10 Jul 2017
Resilience of National Transport Networks to Flood-induced Bridge FailuresPregnolato, Miss MNewcastle University 272,639 22 Jun 2017
Resilient Integrated-Coupled FOW platform design methodology (ResIn)Johanning, Professor LUniversity of Exeter 811,976 30 Jun 2017
Rethinking the models of charge transport in polymeric semiconductorsTroisi, Professor AUniversity of Liverpool 176,659 03 Jul 2017
Robust and transparent planning and operation of water resource infrastructurePianosi, Dr FUniversity of Bristol 723,003 23 Jun 2017
Self-assembling Perovskite Absorbers - Cells Engineered into Modules (SPACE-Modules)Holliman, Professor PSwansea University 1,827,825 26 Jun 2017
Sir Henry Royce Institute - Oxford EquipmentGrant, Professor PUniversity of Oxford 1,500,000 19 Jun 2017
Smart forecasting: joined-up flood forecasting (FF) infrastructure with uncertaintiesKesserwani, Dr GUniversity of Sheffield 1,091,730 23 Jun 2017
Smart Peripheral Stents for the Lower Extremity - Design, Manufacturing and EvaluationFeng, Dr JManchester Metropolitan University 234,625 23 Jun 2017
Smart Peripheral Stents for the Lower Extremity - Design, Manufacturing and EvaluationZhao, Professor LLoughborough University 319,329 23 Jun 2017
Smart peripheral stents for the lower extremity: design, manufacturing, and evaluationAttallah, Professor MMUniversity of Birmingham 231,208 23 Jun 2017
Smartwound-plasmaJenkins, Professor AUniversity of Bath 303,616 23 Jun 2017
Smartwound-plasmaShort, Professor RDLancaster University 280,433 23 Jun 2017
Spectroscopy-driven design of an efficient photocatalyst for CO2 reduction (Ext.)Cowan, Dr AJUniversity of Liverpool 627,696 07 Jul 2017
Stepping towards the industrial 6th SenseGu, Professor SUniversity of Surrey 1,016,391 16 Jun 2017
Super Receivers for Visible Light CommunicationsTurnbull, Professor GAUniversity of St Andrews 377,976 14 Jul 2017
Super Receivers for Visible Light CommunicationsCollins, Dr SUniversity of Oxford 411,008 14 Jul 2017
Supergen Bioenergy Hub LeaderThornley, Professor EPUniversity of Manchester, The 150,783 22 Jun 2017
Supergen Leaders - Energy NetworksTaylor, Professor PCNewcastle University 146,944 22 Jun 2017
Tensor-product algorithms for quantum control problemsSavostyanov, Dr DUniversity of Brighton 100,878 27 Jun 2017
Thermophoretic manipulation of biocompatible soft materials properties in microfluidic devicesVigolo, Dr DUniversity of Birmingham 99,441 13 Jul 2017
Triple Imaging with PARASHIFT ProbesBlamire, Professor AMNewcastle University 238,021 04 Jul 2017
Triple Imaging with PARASHIFT ProbesParker, Professor DDurham, University of 370,028 04 Jul 2017
Two-scale numerical simulations for fibre reinforced cementitious compositesMihai, Dr I CCardiff University 100,725 13 Jul 2017
UK Consortium on Turbulent Reacting Flows (UKCTRF)Jiang, Professor XQueen Mary, University of London 4,973 03 Jul 2017
UKCRIC National Linear Infrastructure Laboratory - University of SouthamptonRichards, Professor DJUniversity of Southampton 15,643,000 20 Jun 2017
Underpinning Power Electronics 2017: Heterogeneous IntegrationEmpringham, Dr LUniversity of Nottingham 1,354,962 30 Jun 2017
Underpinning Power Electronics switch optimisation ThemeGammon, Dr PMUniversity of Warwick 1,194,288 30 Jun 2017
Understanding the critical role of interfaces and surfaces in energy materialsSkinner, Professor SJImperial College London 1,304,889 10 Jul 2017
Unravelling halide segregation in hybrid perovskites for Si tandem photovoltaicsHerz, Professor LMUniversity of Oxford 1,121,958 05 Jul 2017
Urban resilience to intense rainfall and surface water flooding in a changing climateGuan, Dr MLoughborough University 269,627 29 Jun 2017

Total Number of Grants: 112
Total Value of Grants: £85,422,395

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).