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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
A Coordinated Infrastructure for NMR for the Physical and Life Sciences: Upgrade to the Ultra-high Field 950 MHz Spectrometer at OxfordRedfield, Professor CUniversity of Oxford 477,380 18 Apr 2018
A Coordinated Infrastructure for NMR in the Physical and Life Sciences: Upgrade of the Leicester 800MHz NMR for Structural Biology and Drug DiscoveryVuister, Professor G WUniversity of Leicester 928,156 18 Apr 2018
A platform for reduction of incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia through modified PVC biomaterialsMcCoy, Professor CPQueen's University of Belfast 446,937 15 May 2018
A World-Leading National Network for NMR in the Physical and Life Science: Very-High Field Infrastructure at SheffieldWilliamson, Professor MUniversity of Sheffield 844,525 03 May 2018
An integrated biophysics approach towards realisation of a new class of membrane-active anticancer therapiesBeales, Dr P AUniversity of Leeds 906,288 10 May 2018
Autonomous Robot Evolution (ARE): Cradle to GraveTyrrell, Professor AUniversity of York 1,012,141 30 Apr 2018
Autonomous Robot Evolution (ARE): Cradle to GraveWinfield, Professor AFTUniversity of the West of England 458,032 30 Apr 2018
Autonomous Robot Evolution: Cradle To GraveHart, Professor EEdinburgh Napier University 366,413 30 Apr 2018
Bio-CO2: Power Generation and Heat Recovery from Biomass with Advanced CO2 Thermodynamic Power Cycles and Novel Heat Exchanger DesignsGe, Professor YUniversity of South Wales 181,143 25 Apr 2018
Building Capability and Support in Research SoftwareCroucher, Dr MUniversity of Leeds 305,535 15 May 2018
Chemoselective cross-coupling via control of anion metathesis at Pd(II)Watson, Dr AJBUniversity of St Andrews 384,880 18 Apr 2018
Citizen ForensicsBandara, Professor AKOpen University 1,093,594 23 Apr 2018
Cluster algebras, Teichmüller theory and Macdonald polynomialsMazzocco, Professor MUniversity of Birmingham 338,446 17 May 2018
Compact MRICoombs, Dr TAUniversity of Cambridge 747,038 10 May 2018
CONE - Compact control systems for quantum technologiesBongs, Professor KUniversity of Birmingham 146,127 26 Apr 2018
CoSInES (COmputational Statistical INference for Engineering and Security)Roberts, Professor G OUniversity of Warwick 2,950,486 23 Apr 2018
Design for high-yield manufacturing of printed circuitsSporea, Dr RAUniversity of Surrey 247,050 19 Apr 2018
DYPOSIT: Dynamic Policies for Shared Cyber-Physical Infrastructures under AttackRashid, Professor AUniversity of Bristol 194,277 15 May 2018
Energy-Efficient Service Function Orchestration in 5G Mobile NetworksWu, Dr YUniversity of Exeter 156,157 20 Apr 2018
Enhancing 800 MHz NMR Capabilities at NottinghamSearle, Professor MUniversity of Nottingham 965,910 20 Apr 2018
E-textiles NetworkBeeby, Professor SPUniversity of Southampton 131,136 19 Apr 2018
FinTrust: Trust Engineering for the Financial Industryvan Moorsel, Professor ANewcastle University 1,047,202 20 Apr 2018
Flash Sintering of Composite Ceramic Materials and StructuresDancer, Dr C E JUniversity of Warwick 194,459 19 Apr 2018
Functional location of airway inflammation in eosinophilic asthmaRitchie, Professor GADUniversity of Oxford 471,791 10 May 2018
Identification and nucleotide resolution mapping of alkyl adducts in human DNAPovey, Dr AndrewUniversity of Manchester, The 169,254 27 Apr 2018
Maximising Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry at Southampton ChemistryLangley, Professor GJUniversity of Southampton 187,447 19 Apr 2018
Medical Device Prototype & Manufacture UnitJeffers, Dr JImperial College London 1,686,762 27 Apr 2018
Neural oscillator network modelling of auditory stream segregationRankin, Dr JUniversity of Exeter 173,945 08 May 2018
New biophysical tools to elucidate the role of P53 aggregates in cancer biologyKlenerman, Professor DavidUniversity of Cambridge 129,132 27 Apr 2018
New quantitative tools for precision medicine: overfitting correction in multivariate Cox analysisVan Hemelrijck, Dr MiekeKings College London 56,485 27 Apr 2018
Optically controlled THz phased array antennasMarsh, Professor JHUniversity of Glasgow 1,178,040 30 Apr 2018
Organocatalytic Mitsunobu Activation for Streamlined Pharmaceutical SynthesisDenton, Dr RMUniversity of Nottingham 398,593 17 May 2018
PACE: Privacy-aware Cloud EcosystemsRana, Professor OCardiff University 606,174 20 Apr 2018
PACE: Privacy-Aware Cloud EcosystemsRanjan, Dr RNewcastle University 325,530 20 Apr 2018
People Powered Algorithms for Desirable Social OutcomesHodges, Dr D DCranfield University 906,693 20 Apr 2018
Personalised approach to restoration of arm function in people with high-level tetraplegiaChadwick, Dr EKJKeele University 386,808 09 May 2018
Photoacoustic-guided minimally invasive treatment of liver cancerBeard, Professor PaulUCL 164,429 27 Apr 2018
Photonically-synthesized Digital-to-Analogue ConversionLiu, Dr ZUCL 368,844 01 May 2018
Physics of Life - Noise, Information and Evolution in Protein BindingMcLeish, Professor TUniversity of York 1,212,195 15 May 2018
PRIvacy-aware personal data management and Value Enhancement for Leisure Travellers (PriVELT)Li, Professor SUniversity of Kent 429,069 23 Apr 2018
PRIvacy-aware personal data management and Value Enhancement for Leisure Travellers (PriVELT)Tussyadiah, Dr I PUniversity of Surrey 356,647 23 Apr 2018
PRIvacy-aware personal data management and Value Enhancement for Leisure Travellers (PriVELT)Bal, Professor DJUniversity of Warwick 353,083 23 Apr 2018
QuantifyBongs, Professor KUniversity of Birmingham 88,749 26 Apr 2018
Realising Accountable Intelligent SystemsWilliams, Professor RAUniversity of Oxford 113,530 20 Apr 2018
Realising Accountable Intelligent Systems (RAInS)Singh, Dr JUniversity of Cambridge 206,363 20 Apr 2018
Realising Accountable Intelligent Systems (RAInS)Edwards, Professor PUniversity of Aberdeen 789,003 20 Apr 2018
Redox Switchable Photonic Materials Based on Organoimido-Polyoxometalate/Cyclodextrin Host-Guest ComplexesFielden, Dr JUniversity of East Anglia 349,186 10 May 2018
ReEnTrust: Rebuilding and Enhancing Trust in AlgorithmsJirotka, Professor MUniversity of Oxford 980,606 20 Apr 2018
SI Faraday TrainingLittlewood, Professor PThe Faraday Institution 1,964,815 11 May 2018
Silicon Photonics for Quantum Fibre NetworksThompson, Professor MGUniversity of Bristol 284,327 27 Apr 2018
Squeezed Light quAntum MEMS Gravimeter - SLAM GravimeterPaul, Professor DJUniversity of Glasgow 188,101 19 Apr 2018
Stimulus-responsive nanoparticles for intraoperative NIR imaging and treatment of pancreatic cancerNomikou, Dr NUCL 316,148 08 May 2018
Stimulus-responsive nanoparticles for intraoperative NIR imaging and treatment of pancreatic cancerMcHale, Professor AUniversity of Ulster 50,007 08 May 2018
The Complexity of Promise Constraint SatisfactionKrokhin, Professor ADurham, University of 441,210 19 Apr 2018
TheBlinQCBurgarth, Dr DKAberystwyth University 277,147 26 Apr 2018
TheBlinQCMintert, Dr FImperial College London 408,327 26 Apr 2018
TORQUE: Atom Interferometric Rotation Sensor for Quantum Enhanced NavigationHolynski, Dr MUniversity of Birmingham 250,765 26 Apr 2018
Understanding Quantum Non-Equilibrium Matter: Many-Body Localisation versus Glasses, Theory and ExperimentGarrahan, Professor JPUniversity of Nottingham 485,196 11 May 2018
Understanding Quantum Non-Equilibrium Matter: Many-Body Localisation versus Glasses, Theory and ExperimentSchneider, Dr UUniversity of Cambridge 722,545 11 May 2018
University of Leeds AFM FacilityConnell, Dr SDAUniversity of Leeds 136,770 19 Apr 2018
Utilising the Vibro-Impact Self-Propulsion Technique for Gastrointestinal EndoscopyLiu, Dr YUniversity of Exeter 31,674 15 May 2018
Very-High Field NMR in the Physical and Life Sciences at the University of LiverpoolBlanc, Dr FUniversity of Liverpool 1,277,656 03 May 2018
Voigt waves in bianisotropic materialsMackay, Dr TUniversity of Edinburgh 20,360 10 May 2018

Total Number of Grants: 64
Total Value of Grants: £34,798,247

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).