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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
"EQUIP" (Embedded Quantum Technology for Information Protection).Paterson, Professor KGRoyal Holloway, Univ of London 156,233 14 Nov 2017
A generalised Fully Lagrangian Approach for gas-droplet flowsRybdylova, Dr OUniversity of Brighton 100,867 25 Oct 2017
Adaptive, Multi-scale, Data-Infused Biomechanical Models for Cardiac Diagnostic and Prognostic AssessmentNordsletten, Dr DKings College London 1,123,553 23 Oct 2017
Bayesian modelling for developmental systems biologyWild, Professor DLUniversity of Warwick 49,183 31 Oct 2017
Collagen assembly: from molecules to fibrilsSaric, Dr AUCL 100,772 25 Oct 2017
Complex Chemical Systems Platform Exploring Inorganic IntelligenceCronin, Professor LUniversity of Glasgow 1,586,635 01 Nov 2017
Computational Methods for Anaerobic Digestion Optimization (CoMAnDO)Bridgeman, Professor JUniversity of Birmingham 341,482 03 Nov 2017
Concrete modelled using random elementsOrr, Dr JJUniversity of Cambridge 606,037 10 Nov 2017
Designing the Future: Resilient Trans-Disciplinary Design EngineersNewnes, Professor LBUniversity of Bath 1,787,703 06 Nov 2017
Development of a high-end computational technology to predict meteotsunami impactRenzi, Dr ELoughborough University 100,261 14 Nov 2017
Discipline Hopping x2 : a next generation framework for multidisciplinary research between mathematics and regenerative medicineEl Haj, Professor AKeele University 140,410 19 Oct 2017
Discipline Hopping x2: a next generation framework for multidisciplinary research between mathematics and regenerative medicineWaters, Professor SUniversity of Oxford 111,305 19 Oct 2017
Effect of Separation and Stall on Aerofoil NoiseAzarpeyvand, Dr MUniversity of Bristol 434,409 16 Nov 2017
Effect of Separation and Stall on Aerofoil NoiseGanapathisubramani, Professor BUniversity of Southampton 653,049 16 Nov 2017
Enhanced surgical treatments for hip osteoarthritisWilliams, Dr SUniversity of Leeds 1,021,819 03 Nov 2017
Enriching, enhancing and embedding a culture of public engagement with research at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical MedicineMills, Dame ALondon Sch of Hygiene and Trop Medicine 37,461 19 Oct 2017
Fast Solvers for Real-World PDE-Constrained OptimizationPearson, Dr JUniversity of Edinburgh 74,851 19 Oct 2017
Fibre Wavelength Quantum Networks (FQNet)Ritchie, Professor DAUniversity of Cambridge 101,078 10 Nov 2017
Fibre Wavelength Quantum Networks (FQNet)Heffernan, Professor JUniversity of Sheffield 100,939 10 Nov 2017
Field demonstration of atomic vapour cell magnetometryRiis, Professor EUniversity of Strathclyde 189,922 10 Nov 2017
Fire Spread from Mass Timber BuildingsLaw, Dr AUniversity of Edinburgh 100,696 23 Oct 2017
Flux-pumped ultra-high current magnetsCoombs, Dr TAUniversity of Cambridge 479,952 30 Oct 2017
From atoms to plant: co-production of green transport fuel and levoglucosan from waste biomassZhang, Dr XQueen's University of Belfast 100,985 27 Oct 2017
From rings to nanostructuresWinpenny, Professor REUniversity of Manchester, The 1,463,518 07 Nov 2017
Future AI and Robotics Hub for Space (FAIR-SPACE)Gao, Professor YUniversity of Surrey 6,932,511 16 Nov 2017
Future Vaccine Manufacturing Hub: Advancing the manufacture and deployment of cost effective vaccinesShattock, Professor RJImperial College London 9,947,570 17 Nov 2017
Getting the numbers right and getting the right numbers: quantifying the embodied carbon of building structuresPomponi, Dr FEdinburgh Napier University 100,852 30 Oct 2017
Gravity PlatformHolynski, Dr MUniversity of Birmingham 574,122 10 Nov 2017
Investigation on Sustainable Refractory Systems for Investment Casting Manufacturing of Titanium AlloysBlackburn, Professor SUniversity of Birmingham 450,149 03 Nov 2017
Mathematical Modelling Led Design of Tissue-Engineered Constructs: A New Paradigm for Peripheral Nerve Repair (NerveDesign)Shipley, Dr RUCL 1,080,646 03 Nov 2017
MicroTotal Pre Analytical Systems (MTPAS): Near-patient Approach to the Preparation of Circulating Biomarkers for Next-Generation SensingKersaudy-Kerhoas, Dr MHeriot-Watt University 964,969 23 Oct 2017
Mid-Infrared Frequency Comb Lasers for Chemical Kinetics: Applying Physics Technologies to Kinetics, Dynamics, and Molecular SpectroscopyLehman, Dr JUniversity of Leeds 68,223 14 Nov 2017
Multidimensional endoscopy for early cancer detectionBohndiek, Dr SEUniversity of Cambridge 1,130,984 03 Nov 2017
Numerical Investigation of Aero-elasticity in Modern Low-Pressure TurbinesRahmati, Dr MNorthumbria, University of 100,881 30 Oct 2017
OPTAMOT: Optimised Designs for Additively Manufactured Magento Optical TrapsOrucevic, Dr FUniversity of Sussex 76,604 09 Nov 2017
OPTAMOT: Optimised Designs for Additively Manufactured Magneto Optical TrapsHackermueller, Dr LUniversity of Nottingham 102,790 09 Nov 2017
Overseas Travel Grant: From Dendralenes to Antimicrobial Decalins (Visit to Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University)Clarke, Dr PAUniversity of York 11,682 23 Oct 2017
Paper-based "Zero-Cost" Printed Electroionic Gas SensorsGüder, Dr FImperial College London 100,761 25 Oct 2017
Polymer Bioelectronics for High Resolution Implantable DevicesGreen, Dr RImperial College London 1,078,948 23 Oct 2017
Potts shunt for suprasystemic pulmonary artery hypertension: decision-making and designPant, Dr SSwansea University 100,840 02 Nov 2017
Raman Spectroscopy of Live Cell Invasion of 3D nano-fabricated scaffoldsAshton, Dr LLancaster University 89,758 15 Nov 2017
Reducing Risk through Uncertainty Quantification for Past, Present and Future Generations of Nuclear Power PlantKermode, Dr J RUniversity of Warwick 205,387 25 Oct 2017
Reducing risk through uncertainty quantification for past, present and future generations of nuclear power plantsBourne, Professor N KUniversity of Manchester, The 361,241 25 Oct 2017
Reducing risk through uncertainty quantification for past, present and future generations of nuclear power plantsSHTERENLIKHT, Dr AUniversity of Bristol 257,117 25 Oct 2017
Scrambling of Quantum Information in Many-Body SystemsMasanes, Dr LUCL 809,237 07 Nov 2017
Self-Tuning Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Adaptive Nanocomposite (STRAINcomp)Yazdani Nezhad, Dr HCranfield University 100,090 14 Nov 2017
Solar Optofluidics (SOLO): Water Splitting beyond the 1.23 eV Thermodynamic ConstraintsXuan, Dr JHeriot-Watt University 101,118 23 Oct 2017
Sustainable Solutions for Managing Compound Flood Risks under Future Uncertainties: The Case of Shanghai City and the Yangtze River Delta RegionSun, Professor LSchool of Oriental & African Studies 290,963 24 Oct 2017
SynBio3D: Establishing the engineering fundamentals of three-dimensional synthetic biologyGoni-Moreno, Dr ANewcastle University 101,057 30 Oct 2017
TASCC: Secure Cloud-based Distributed Control (SCDC) Systems for Connected Autonomous CarsDianati, Professor MUniversity of Warwick 2,204,116 23 Oct 2017
UCL-Brazil International Collaboration Workshop in Advanced Metrology and Large Structures TestingRobson, Professor SUCL 5,686 26 Oct 2017
UKCRIC - CORONA: City Observatory Research platfOrm for iNnovation and AnalyticsJames, Mr PMNewcastle University 1,011,544 25 Oct 2017
Understanding biopolymer clusters formation in microalgae systems for wastewater: application to membrane photo-bioreactorsPidou, Dr MCranfield University 100,775 25 Oct 2017
Understanding the effects of condensation on electrical discharge phenomena in next generation more-electric and hybrid aircraftClark, Dr D ACardiff University 101,015 30 Oct 2017
Wireless communication with cells towards bioelectronic treatments of the futureRawson, Dr FJUniversity of Nottingham 974,695 03 Nov 2017

Total Number of Grants: 56
Total Value of Grants: £42,083,662

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).