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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
"EQUIP" (Embedded Quantum Technology for Information Protection).Paterson, Professor KGRoyal Holloway, Univ of London 156,233 14 Nov 2017
A new tool to support drug discovery: Native LESA mass spectrometry (NESA)Cooper, Professor HJUniversity of Birmingham 411,030 22 Nov 2017
A Research Software Engineering Hub for Computational ResearchCohen, Dr JImperial College London 639,259 24 Nov 2017
A Supramolecular Gel Phase Crystallisation StrategyDay, Professor GMUniversity of Southampton 279,757 30 Nov 2017
A Supramolecular Gel Phase Crystallisation StrategySteed, Professor JWDurham, University of 367,695 30 Nov 2017
A unified framework for quantum chemistry beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximationKnowles, Professor PJCardiff University 325,187 23 Nov 2017
A unified framework for quantum chemistry beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximationManby, Professor FRUniversity of Bristol 345,241 23 Nov 2017
Accelerating catalyst design using reaction-path data miningHabershon, Dr SUniversity of Warwick 369,669 30 Nov 2017
Ahead of the Curve: Engineering Simulation for Computers of the FutureLind, Dr S JUniversity of Manchester, The 238,137 07 Dec 2017
Artificial Transforming Swimmers for Precision Microfluidics TasksMontenegro-Johnson, Dr TUniversity of Birmingham 229,917 06 Dec 2017
Asymmetric Catalytic PhotochemistrySmith, Dr CUniversity of Reading 99,389 23 Nov 2017
Bandwidth and Energy Efficient Compact Multi-Antenna Systems for Connected Autonomous VehiclesKaradimas, Dr PUniversity of Glasgow 252,924 08 Dec 2017
Bioinspired green manufacturing of next generation energy storage materialsPatwardhan, Dr SVUniversity of Sheffield 165,059 07 Dec 2017
Biopolymer treatment for stabilisation of transport infrastructure slopesHughes, Dr PNDurham, University of 218,232 05 Dec 2017
Born Slippy: A Tribological Discourse on Hysterosalpingography as a Therapeutic Treatment for Infertile WomenDearn, Dr KDUniversity of Birmingham 252,693 06 Dec 2017
Carboglass: Transformative Engineering Materials for Reduced Energy and Waste Consumption in Advanced Manufacturing ProcessesBingham, Dr PASheffield Hallam University 244,162 07 Dec 2017
Catalysing energy access in Africa through smarter energy storage managementHowey, Professor DUniversity of Oxford 98,450 22 Nov 2017
CBET-EPSRC Molecular Engineering of Inhibitors to Self-Assembly: Fundamental structure informing in silico designHeaden, Dr T FSTFC Laboratories (Grouped) 40,477 05 Dec 2017
CBET-EPSRC Molecular Engineering of Inhibitors to Self-Assembly: Fundamental structure informing in silico designMuller, Professor EImperial College London 247,016 05 Dec 2017
Clearing the undergrowth: new NMR techniques for high dynamic range mixturesMorris, Professor GAUniversity of Manchester, The 462,488 23 Nov 2017
Computational microscopy in Cambridge Advanced Imaging CentreMuresan, Dr LUniversity of Cambridge 450,498 21 Nov 2017
Concrete modelled using random elementsOrr, Dr JJUniversity of Cambridge 606,037 10 Nov 2017
CoTRE - Complexity Twin for Resilient EcosystemsGuo, Dr WUniversity of Warwick 237,977 04 Dec 2017
CP2K-UKBethune, Mr ISTFC Laboratories (Grouped) 58,832 01 Dec 2017
Crystallisation in the Real World: Delivering Control through Theory and ExperimentMeldrum, Professor FUniversity of Leeds 5,436,236 29 Nov 2017
Cyber Security for the Vehicles of TomorrowGarcia, Dr FUniversity of Birmingham 1,127,781 05 Dec 2017
Deformation and Failure of Mechanically Adaptive Cellular MaterialsHamilton, Dr A RUniversity of Southampton 48,909 07 Dec 2017
Designing Chemistry and Morphology in Metal-Organic Framework Gels, Liquids and GlassesBennett, Dr TDUniversity of Cambridge 95,895 21 Nov 2017
Developing the NanoKick bioreactor to enable tissue engineered bone graft and use of metabolomics to identify bone specific drug candidatesReid, Professor SUniversity of Strathclyde 79,618 29 Nov 2017
Development of a high-end computational technology to predict meteotsunami impactRenzi, Dr ELoughborough University 100,261 14 Nov 2017
Development of a Novel Self-Healing Composite for Sustainable and Resilient Concrete InfrastructureZhang, Dr MUCL 252,989 06 Dec 2017
Diagnostic Brian Imaging Using Room Temperature Quantum Technology SensorsSims, Mr DDUniversity of Nottingham 15,920 21 Nov 2017
Effect of Separation and Stall on Aerofoil NoiseGanapathisubramani, Professor BUniversity of Southampton 653,049 16 Nov 2017
Effect of Separation and Stall on Aerofoil NoiseAzarpeyvand, Dr MUniversity of Bristol 434,409 16 Nov 2017
Engineering halide perovskites for artificial leavesEslava, Dr SUniversity of Bath 253,025 04 Dec 2017
Engineering Novel Imaging Technologies for Reproductive Health: Transforming IVF outcomesMahajan, Professor SUniversity of Southampton 244,593 07 Dec 2017
ESCHER: Establishing Supply Chains for Emergent Quantum ComputersHensinger, Professor WKUniversity of Sussex 311,662 01 Dec 2017
Expanding the biochemical toolbox for protein modification at cysteineMacmillan, Dr DUCL 375,298 23 Nov 2017
Exploring Electronic Materials with Extreme ConditionsAttfield, Professor JPUniversity of Edinburgh 986,868 29 Nov 2017
Fibre Wavelength Quantum Networks (FQNet)Ritchie, Professor DAUniversity of Cambridge 101,078 10 Nov 2017
Fibre Wavelength Quantum Networks (FQNet)Heffernan, Professor JUniversity of Sheffield 100,939 10 Nov 2017
Field demonstration of atomic vapour cell magnetometryRiis, Professor EUniversity of Strathclyde 189,922 10 Nov 2017
Freeform Composites: Breaking Free from the Mould.Fairclough, Professor JPAUniversity of Sheffield 246,968 06 Dec 2017
Future AI and Robotics Hub for Space (FAIR-SPACE)Gao, Professor YUniversity of Surrey 6,932,511 16 Nov 2017
Future Vaccine Manufacturing Hub: Advancing the manufacture and deployment of cost effective vaccinesShattock, Professor RJImperial College London 9,947,570 17 Nov 2017
Gravity PlatformHolynski, Dr MUniversity of Birmingham 574,122 10 Nov 2017
Harnessing free energy - the microbial wayDolfing, Dr JNewcastle University 246,965 07 Dec 2017
In-shoe sensory systems to assess and avoid diabetic foot diseaseCulmer, Dr PRUniversity of Leeds 253,378 07 Dec 2017
Intelligent RF Sensing for Falls and Health Prediction - INSHEPFioranelli, Dr FUniversity of Glasgow 253,001 08 Dec 2017
International Centre For Mathematical Sciences 2018Lord, Professor GHeriot-Watt University 3,010,518 01 Dec 2017
iSeat - Towards an intelligent driver seat for autonomous carsAnvari, Dr BUniversity of Southampton 251,453 04 Dec 2017
Meeting the Sensitivity Grand Challenges in Pulsed Electron Magnetic ResonanceSmith, Dr GUniversity of St Andrews 758,100 23 Nov 2017
Mid-Infrared Frequency Comb Lasers for Chemical Kinetics: Applying Physics Technologies to Kinetics, Dynamics, and Molecular SpectroscopyLehman, Dr JUniversity of Leeds 68,223 14 Nov 2017
Nanoparticle imaging method for drug discovery and cancer therapy in humansBayford, Professor RMiddlesex University 247,474 05 Dec 2017
New Cavendish LaboratoryMaskell, Professor DUniversity of Cambridge 75,000,000 04 Dec 2017
New Enzymatically Produced Interpenetrating Starch-Cellulose GelsEichhorn, Professor SUniversity of Bristol 571,044 23 Nov 2017
Optical Transfer of Heat with Electrical and Light Output (OTHELLO)Irvine, Professor SJCSwansea University 145,546 22 Nov 2017
Organo-Fluoro-Pnictonium Cations: Designing a New Class of Lewis Acid CatalystBenjamin, Dr SNottingham Trent University 99,896 22 Nov 2017
Partially fluorinated alkyl motifs for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals researchO'Hagan, Professor DUniversity of St Andrews 424,425 27 Nov 2017
PLAIN-GG: Phase-Locked Atomic INterferometers for Gravity GradiometryHimsworth, Dr MDUniversity of Southampton 246,392 06 Dec 2017
Q-NEURO: Diamond Quantum Technology for the Investigation of Neurological diseaseJackman, Professor RBUCL 225,976 29 Nov 2017
Quantum-Interference-Enhanced Thermoelectricity (QUIET).Albrecht, Professor TUniversity of Birmingham 477,906 30 Nov 2017
Raman Spectroscopy of Live Cell Invasion of 3D nano-fabricated scaffoldsAshton, Dr LLancaster University 89,758 15 Nov 2017
RANDOMNESS: A RESOURCE FOR REAL-TIME ANALYTICSPolydorides, Dr NUniversity of Edinburgh 229,923 04 Dec 2017
REALiTY: REmoving Allergens with pLasma TechnologYWalsh, Dr JLUniversity of Liverpool 221,688 07 Dec 2017
Renaissance of alloys: nanocrystalline bimetalsPolcar, Professor TUniversity of Southampton 223,099 06 Dec 2017
Research Computing and ImagingLeng, Dr JMUniversity of Leeds 947,055 24 Nov 2017
Self-Tuning Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Adaptive Nanocomposite (STRAINcomp)Yazdani Nezhad, Dr HCranfield University 100,090 14 Nov 2017
Soft Processing to Enable the Low Impact, Sustainable Manufacture of Inorganic Materials and Advanced Inorganic Semiconductor CompositesO'Brien, Professor PUniversity of Manchester, The 474,388 05 Dec 2017
SolaFin2Go (Solar Finance 2 Go)MONDOL, Dr JDUniversity of Ulster 136,538 22 Nov 2017
SPINE: Resilience-Based Design of Biologically Inspired Columns for Next-Generation Accelerated Bridge ConstructionKashani, Dr MMUniversity of Southampton 242,456 06 Dec 2017
Spiroclip Technology: from Catalogue to Spirocycle in One StepUnsworth, Dr W PUniversity of York 367,413 23 Nov 2017
Tackling AMR in Wastewater Systems with Sneaky BacteriaGraham, Professor DWNewcastle University 251,825 29 Nov 2017
The development and demonstration of a unique low cost scalable PV technology for international development.Royapoor, Dr MNewcastle University 76,090 27 Nov 2017
Transforming electricity access through smart sensors and grid efficiency algorithmsPotter, Dr BAUniversity of Reading 110,492 22 Nov 2017
TRANSIT: Towards a Robust Airport Decision Support System for Intelligent TaxiingWoodward, Dr J RQueen Mary University of London 175,626 22 Nov 2017
Upscaling environment-friendly cavitation melt treatment (UltraMelt #2)Pericleous, Professor KAUniversity of Greenwich 329,613 21 Nov 2017
Upscaling environment-friendly cavitation melt treatment (UltraMelt2)Eskin, Professor DBrunel University London 397,618 22 Nov 2017
Upscaling environment-friendly cavitation melt treatment (UltraMelt2)Tzanakis, Dr IOxford Brookes University 261,433 22 Nov 2017
Verifiably correct concurrency abstractionsDongol, Dr BBrunel University London 14,370 04 Dec 2017
When the drugs don't work... Manufacturing our pathogen defensesMajewski, Dr CEUniversity of Sheffield 149,031 30 Nov 2017
York: Transforming Research-Oriented Software EngineeringHasnip, Dr PJUniversity of York 810,261 01 Dec 2017

Total Number of Grants: 83
Total Value of Grants: £123,445,749

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).