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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
A multi-function XPS-UPS system with load-locked advanced sample preparation stagesMariotti, Professor DUniversity of Ulster 1,094,994 10 Aug 2017
ALGOUK - A Network for Algorithms and Complexity in the UKStewart, Professor IADurham, University of 108,682 31 Jul 2017
ALPACA: Axial-Lateral Chalk Analysis for Piles Applying multi-scale field and laboratory testingJardine, Professor RImperial College London 1,121,309 13 Jul 2017
Aluminium nitride - graphene dual-mode sensors for cancer cell detectionKlein, Professor NImperial College London 1,158,109 31 Jul 2017
At the interface between semiclassical analysis and numerical analysis of wave propagation problemsSpence, Dr E AUniversity of Bath 1,027,193 04 Aug 2017
Automating the Synthetic Chemistry Landscape in Bristol: Accelerating Impact and ApplicationAggarwal, Professor VKUniversity of Bristol 766,927 10 Aug 2017
Biohaviour - Building the Blind WatchmakerPrice, Professor MQueen's University of Belfast 792,707 01 Aug 2017
Catalytic Synthesis and Functionalisation of a Universal Aryl-Sulfur IntermediateBall, Dr LUniversity of Nottingham 100,733 13 Jul 2017
CBET-EPSRC: Hybrid organic-CMOS devices for optogenetic simulation and lens-free fluorescence imaging of the brainGather, Professor MCUniversity of St Andrews 383,536 02 Aug 2017
Complexes with Redox Non-Innocent Ligands for Flow Battery Energy StorageToghill, Dr KLancaster University 99,671 20 Jul 2017
Content Based Image Retrieval For Real-Time Registration In Image-Guided InterventionsClarkson, Dr MJUCL 99,906 18 Jul 2017
Controlling membrane translocation for artificial signal transductionWilliams, Professor NHUniversity of Sheffield 356,411 17 Jul 2017
Controlling Membrane Translocation for Artificial Signal TransductionHunter, Professor CAUniversity of Cambridge 405,953 17 Jul 2017
Counter-ion Directed Enantioselective Approaches to Axially Chiral MaterialsSmith, Professor MDUniversity of Oxford 687,920 01 Aug 2017
Design the Future 2ZHANG, Dr MNorthumbria, University of 164,124 01 Aug 2017
Designing and Engineering Soundscapes To enable Restorative Environments for Sustainable Societies (DeStress)Payne, Dr S RHeriot-Watt University 100,908 13 Jul 2017
Developing Continuous Electroorganic Catalysis - It's Got PotentialMorrill, Dr L CCardiff University 395,968 28 Jul 2017
Efficient Software Verification by Reasoning about AbstractionsSchrammel, Dr PUniversity of Sussex 99,279 17 Jul 2017
EXTREMAG: an Exeter-based Time Resolved Magnetism FacilityHicken, Professor R JUniversity of Exeter 1,128,435 09 Aug 2017
Flexible and stretchable force sensor for static and dynamic measurements (FlexFo)Mastropaolo, Dr EUniversity of Edinburgh 100,965 13 Jul 2017
FNR-The Development of Experimentally Validated Numerical Design Tools for Ideal Solar Selective AbsorbersHassan, Professor OSwansea University 315,556 13 Jul 2017
Full-Duplex For Underwater Acoustic CommunicationsTsimenidis, Dr CNewcastle University 420,711 31 Jul 2017
Full-Duplex for Underwater Acoustic CommunicationsZakharov, Dr YUniversity of York 377,244 31 Jul 2017
High performance III-V quantum dot photodetectors for low SWaP infrared devicesWu, Dr JUCL 100,146 18 Jul 2017
Hot-electron quantum optics (HEQO)Emary, Dr CNewcastle University 252,481 13 Jul 2017
Hybrid Set-theoretic Approaches for Constrained Control and Estimation with Applications to Autonomous Sailing BoatsWan, Dr JUniversity of Plymouth 90,722 13 Jul 2017
Hydrophobic Gating in Membrane Nanopores: Water at the NanoscaleSansom, Professor MUniversity of Oxford 379,691 13 Jul 2017
Increasing bearing life by combining a novel manufacturing bearing steel process with multiscale modelling techniquesRivera, Dr PLancaster University 117,099 14 Jul 2017
Merging Photoredox with 1,2-Boronate Rearrangements: New Opportunities for Rapid Increase in Molecular ComplexityAggarwal, Professor VKUniversity of Bristol 705,116 17 Jul 2017
Model constrained x-ray tomographic reconstruction, a blueprint for better imagesBlumensath, Dr TUniversity of Southampton 505,019 13 Jul 2017
Molecular RoboticsLeigh, Professor DUniversity of Manchester, The 5,324,407 27 Jul 2017
Multi-Disciplinary Pedestrian-in-the-Loop SimulatorRomano, Professor RUniversity of Leeds 653,011 07 Aug 2017
Multi-parametric optical sensing for monitoring haemodynamic shockKyriacou, Professor PCity, University of London 656,799 20 Jul 2017
Nanoscale sculpturing of single photons with dielectricsSapienza, Dr RImperial College London 382,499 28 Jul 2017
Nanoscale sculpturing of single photons with dielectricsMaier, Professor SAImperial College London 408,908 28 Jul 2017
On Demand microPAD Mass SpectrometryMaher, Dr SUniversity of Liverpool 100,948 18 Jul 2017
Operator asymptotics, a new approach to length-scale interactions in metamaterials.Cooper, Dr SALDurham, University of 69,129 25 Jul 2017
Parametric Wave Coupling and Non-Linear Mixing in PlasmaRonald, Dr KUniversity of Strathclyde 761,616 28 Jul 2017
Porous Liquids (PLs): Understanding, scope and applicationsJames, Professor SQueen's University of Belfast 456,458 17 Jul 2017
Porous Liquids: Understanding, Scope and ApplicationsCooper, Professor AUniversity of Liverpool 435,556 17 Jul 2017
Positron bound states and annihilation in polyatomic moleculesGribakin, Dr GQueen's University of Belfast 345,646 17 Jul 2017
Reducing the Threat to Public Safety: Improved metallic object characterisation, location and detectionLedger, Dr PDSwansea University 321,798 21 Jul 2017
Reducing the Threat to Public Safety: Improved metallic object characterisation, location and detectionBetcke, Dr TUCL 71,320 21 Jul 2017
Reducing the Threat to Public Safety: Improved metallic object characterisation, location and detectionPeyton, Professor AJUniversity of Manchester, The 255,622 21 Jul 2017
Reductions & resolutions in representation theory and algebraic geometryRaedschelders, Mr TUniversity of Glasgow 282,949 02 Aug 2017
Resonant and shaped photonics for understanding the physical and biomedical worldDholakia, Professor KUniversity of St Andrews 5,023,462 24 Jul 2017
Stable Prediction of Defect-Inducing Software Changes (SPDISC)Minku, Dr LUniversity of Leicester 100,542 19 Jul 2017
Statistical methodology and theory for the Big Data era (Ext.)Samworth, Professor RJUniversity of Cambridge 610,894 08 Aug 2017
STRUCTURES 2025: A HIGH FIDELITY, DATA RICH, PARADIGM FOR STRUCTURAL TESTINGBarton, Professor JUniversity of Southampton 1,143,860 08 Aug 2017
Super Receivers for Visible Light CommunicationsTurnbull, Professor GAUniversity of St Andrews 377,976 14 Jul 2017
Super Receivers for Visible Light CommunicationsCollins, Dr SUniversity of Oxford 411,008 14 Jul 2017
The Homological Minimal Model Programme (Extension)Wemyss, Professor MUniversity of Glasgow 555,364 08 Aug 2017
The National Innovation Centre for DataWatson, Professor PNewcastle University 15,000,000 04 Aug 2017
Thermophoretic manipulation of biocompatible soft materials properties in microfluidic devicesVigolo, Dr DUniversity of Birmingham 99,441 13 Jul 2017
Towards a Parameter-Free Theory for Electrochemical Phenomena at the Nanoscale (NanoEC)Cucinotta, Dr CImperial College London 1,291,989 17 Jul 2017
Two-scale numerical simulations for fibre reinforced cementitious compositesMihai, Dr I CCardiff University 100,725 13 Jul 2017
UK Acoustics NetworkHoroshenkov, Professor KVUniversity of Sheffield 561,807 02 Aug 2017
Visualization and Data Analysis at the Big Data ScaleBorgo, Dr RKings College London 25,919 28 Jul 2017
Workshop: Classical and quantum aspects of light in complex mediaMuskens, Professor OUniversity of Southampton 9,881 17 Jul 2017

Total Number of Grants: 60
Total Value of Grants: £49,397,834

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).