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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
"in vivo" Modification of Superconducting Quantum Electronic CircuitsMeeson, Professor PRoyal Holloway, Univ of London 2,206,800 29 Jan 2018
A state-of-the-art optical floating-zone furnace for crystal growth at high pressuresBoothroyd, Professor ATUniversity of Oxford 893,916 30 Jan 2018
Achieving a Predictive Design for Manufacture Capability in Composites by Integrating Manufacturing Knowledge and Design IntentWard, Dr CUniversity of Bristol 101,082 31 Jan 2018
Advanced Coatings Platform to Drive New High Value Engineering Processes and ProductsLiskiewicz, Dr TUniversity of Leeds 1,101,733 06 Feb 2018
Advanced Continuous Tow Shearing in 3D (ACTS3D): Advanced fibre placement technology for manufacturing defect-free complex 3D composite structuresKim, Dr BUniversity of Bristol 518,156 31 Jan 2018
Antiparticle beamline for experiments on matter antimatter symmetryMadsen, Professor NSwansea University 486,613 22 Jan 2018
Antiparticle beamline for experiments on matter antimatter symmetryBertsche, Dr WAUniversity of Manchester, The 463,725 22 Jan 2018
Attosecond X-ray Spectroscopy of Ultrafast Dynamics in the Condensed PhaseMarangos, Professor JImperial College London 1,230,885 31 Jan 2018
Augmentation of Future Quantum Key Distribution Networks with CubeSat SystemsLowe, Dr CJUniversity of Strathclyde 14,340 26 Jan 2018
Augmentation of Space-based Quantum Key Distribution with CubeSat SystemsRarity, Professor JUniversity of Bristol 7,874 26 Jan 2018
Brightening the dim modes of plasmonic nanostructuresBowman, Dr R WUniversity of Bath 96,471 29 Jan 2018
Combining Chemical Robotics and Statistical Methods to Discover Complex Functional ProductsLapkin, Professor AUniversity of Cambridge 1,227,510 25 Jan 2018
Complex made simple: Enantioselective radical cascades mediated by SmI2Procter, Professor DJUniversity of Manchester, The 543,719 13 Feb 2018
Considering Uncertainty in the Development of Aircraft SystemsSartor, Dr PUniversity of Bristol 100,509 01 Feb 2018
Critical Elements and Materials Network (CrEAM)Walton, Dr AUniversity of Birmingham 297,621 01 Feb 2018
Decentralised, Large-scale Resource Management in Modern Data CentresKalyvianaki, Dr EUniversity of Cambridge 74,915 23 Jan 2018
Deep Learning from Crawled Spatio-Temporal Representations of Video (DECSTER)Patras, Dr IQueen Mary University of London 343,839 15 Feb 2018
Deep Learning from Crawled Spatio-Temporal Representations of Video (DECSTER)Andreopoulos, Dr YUCL 496,562 15 Feb 2018
Development of New Low Cost Point of Care Diagnostic Technologies for Diabetic Retinopathy in ChinaZheng, Dr YUniversity of Liverpool 1,134,158 21 Feb 2018
Electron Microscopy for the Characterisation and Manipulation of Advanced Functional Materials and their Interfaces at the NanoscaleIrvine, Professor JUniversity of St Andrews 202,309 22 Jan 2018
Enabling High-Speed Microwave and Millimetre Wave Links (MiMiWaveS)Nallanathan, Professor AQueen Mary University of London 209,411 23 Jan 2018
Engineering a new generation of atom interferometersGuarrera, Dr VUniversity of Birmingham 91,588 20 Feb 2018
Enhancing Performance in Polyanionic Cathode MaterialsCorr, Dr SUniversity of Glasgow 28,942 21 Feb 2018
Enhancing Performance in Polyanionic Cathode MaterialsLightfoot, Professor PUniversity of St Andrews 437,850 15 Feb 2018
Entangled Rydberg matter for quantum sensing and simulationsLi, Dr WUniversity of Nottingham 274,264 23 Feb 2018
EPSRC Network+ proposal: Human-Like ComputingMuggleton, Professor SImperial College London 1,346,363 05 Feb 2018
Fast and Flexible Imaging of Excitable TissuesCorbett, Dr ADUniversity of Exeter 100,929 02 Feb 2018
Fibre Parametric amplifiers for Real Applications in Optical Communication Systems (FPA-ROCS)Doran, Professor NJAston University 717,568 09 Feb 2018
FINESSE NanoBio (Fabrication and Imaging of Neon-Etched Structures and Surfaces for Engineering, Nanoscience and Biotechnology)Daly, Dr RUniversity of Cambridge 2,427,240 24 Jan 2018
Fit-for-purpose, affordable body-powered prosthesesKenney, Professor LUniversity of Salford 1,412,730 21 Feb 2018
Handheld quantum wireless for financial transactionsRarity, Professor JUniversity of Bristol 97,623 26 Jan 2018
Handheld quantum wireless for financial transactionsO'Brien, Professor DCUniversity of Oxford 125,151 26 Jan 2018
High-powEr phosphorous-based DFB Lasers for Cold ATom Systems (HELCATS)Hogg, Professor RAUniversity of Glasgow 194,057 22 Jan 2018
High-speed quantum random number generation for secure data communicationsMcCracken, Dr RAHeriot-Watt University 71,589 22 Jan 2018
Learning to move as a human: one-shot learning of human motionÁlvarez López, Dr M AUniversity of Sheffield 219,757 09 Feb 2018
Lighting up Magnetic Resonance: SABRE optimisation powered by in situ detectionHalse, Dr M EUniversity of York 213,004 14 Feb 2018
Massive MIMO wireless networks: Theory and methodsNallanathan, Professor AQueen Mary University of London 72,290 22 Jan 2018
Millimetre wave measurement equipmentLangley, Professor RJUniversity of Sheffield 1,047,252 22 Jan 2018
Multiscale characterization of complex materials using a combination of atomic force microscopy and optical coherence tomographyChen, Dr JNewcastle University 487,050 31 Jan 2018
Nano-OPS Printer for High Rate Nano-Manufacturing and Support EquipmentSilva, Professor SRPUniversity of Surrey 1,553,822 26 Jan 2018
NanoPrime: Maximising Equipment and Expertise Sharing in NanoscienceKhlobystov, Professor AUniversity of Nottingham 202,437 22 Jan 2018
New modelling capability for nano-confined phase change materialsMorris, Dr AJUniversity of Birmingham 73,409 21 Feb 2018
Novel GaN Power Devices and Packaging Technologies for 300 degC Ambient OperationWasige, Dr EUniversity of Glasgow 573,386 22 Feb 2018
Novel GaN Power Devices and Packaging Technologies for 300C Ambient OperationWang, Dr CHeriot-Watt University 330,214 22 Feb 2018
Novel Non-linear Optical-Fibre Sources for Time-resolved Molecular Dynamics: Towards the Next Generation of Ultrafast SpectroscopyTownsend, Dr DHeriot-Watt University 588,864 12 Feb 2018
ORQUID - ORganic QUantum Integrated DevicesHinds, Professor EAImperial College London 323,145 22 Feb 2018
Photoelectron interferometry as a structural and dynamical probeReid, Professor K. L.University of Nottingham 391,613 01 Feb 2018
Photoelectron interferometry as a structural and dynamical probeMinns, Dr R SUniversity of Southampton 310,055 01 Feb 2018
PICUP - Point-of-Care Fracture PredictionRogers, Professor KCranfield University 712,033 23 Feb 2018
Polarisation Entangled Photon EmitterClerici, Dr MUniversity of Glasgow 143,629 22 Jan 2018
Purchase of Six Component Wind Tunnel BalanceCooper, Professor JUniversity of Bristol 754,995 06 Feb 2018
QFC: Quantum Fibre ClockWatson, Dr RJUniversity of Bath 188,296 25 Jan 2018
Quantum Cooling Systems using Mode Controlled Blue Lasers (CoolBlue2)Kelly, Dr AUniversity of Glasgow 120,137 25 Jan 2018
Quantum Cooling Systems using Mode Controlled Blue Lasers (CoolBlue2)Rafailov, Professor EUAston University 32,266 25 Jan 2018
Random trees: analysis and applicationsMailler, Dr CDUniversity of Bath 281,510 21 Feb 2018
Rapid fault-recovery strategies for resilient robot swarmsTarapore, Dr DUniversity of Southampton 215,174 12 Feb 2018
REBUILD - REgenerative BUILDings and products for a circular economyHopkinson, Professor PUniversity of Exeter 921,629 22 Feb 2018
Rosalind Franklin Institute Correlated Imaging Pump PrimingKirkland, Professor AUniversity of Oxford 2,924,269 20 Feb 2018
Simulation software for modelling nitride-based quantum light sourcesOliver, Dr RAUniversity of Cambridge 88,759 22 Jan 2018
Simulation Software for Modelling Quantum Light SourcesTaylor, Professor RAUniversity of Oxford 89,998 22 Jan 2018
Simultaneously Wireless InFormation and energy Transfer (SWIFT)Nallanathan, Professor AQueen Mary University of London 158,617 23 Jan 2018
Site-selective antibody modification by cysteine-to-lysine transfer (CLT)Baker, Dr JRUCL 411,777 12 Feb 2018
Spin-resolved electronic structure imaging and microscopyKing, Dr PDUniversity of St Andrews 1,420,124 22 Jan 2018
Structural dynamics and photoinduced electron transferVlcek, Professor AQueen Mary University of London 649,756 12 Feb 2018
SYNC: Synergistic Network Policy Management for Cloud Data CentresTso, Dr FLoughborough University 96,813 23 Jan 2018
Targeting Molecular Magnetic Hysteresis at Liquid Nitrogen TemperaturesMills, Dr DPUniversity of Manchester, The 437,939 22 Feb 2018
The Faraday InstitutionLittlewood, Professor PThe Faraday Institution 8,681,903 19 Feb 2018
The Leeds EPSRC Nanoscience and Nanoequipment User FacilityBrown, Dr APUniversity of Leeds 201,946 22 Jan 2018
The Origin of Non-Radiative Losses in Metal Halide PerovskitesStranks, Dr S DUniversity of Cambridge 273,163 14 Feb 2018
Time-resolved cathodoluminescence scanning electron microscopeOliver, Dr RAUniversity of Cambridge 2,808,154 29 Jan 2018
Workshop: Random Dynamics and Other Recent DevelopmentsJordan, Dr JUniversity of Sheffield 10,025 20 Feb 2018

Total Number of Grants: 71
Total Value of Grants: £47,087,250

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).