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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
"HiLeMMS": High-Level Mesoscale Modelling SystemMeng, Dr JSTFC Laboratories (Grouped) 513,863 13 Feb 2017
10 MHz to 1.1 THz Vector Network AnalyserGardner, Professor PUniversity of Birmingham 1,143,093 18 Jan 2017
A Constraint Modelling PipelineMiguel, Professor IJUniversity of St Andrews 886,923 26 Jan 2017
A framework for efficient synergistic spatiotemporal reconstruction of PET-MR dynamic dataThielemans, Dr KFUCL 523,640 16 Feb 2017
A new algorithm to track fast ions in fusion reactorsRuprecht, Dr DUniversity of Leeds 97,707 09 Feb 2017
A novel tumour-responsive formulation for delivering sonodynamic treatment of prostate cancerNomikou, Dr NUCL 101,014 23 Jan 2017
A Reconstruction Toolkit for Multichannel CTWithers, Professor PUniversity of Manchester, The 505,689 17 Feb 2017
A Small Research Facility for Multi-phase Flows at High Pressure and TemperatureLinne, Professor M AUniversity of Edinburgh 1,414,903 20 Jan 2017
A Unified Multiple Access Framework for Next Generation Mobile Networks By Removing Orthogonality (MANGO)Ratnarajah, Professor TUniversity of Edinburgh 313,097 27 Jan 2017
A Unified Multiple Access Framework for Next Generation Mobile Networks By Removing Orthogonality (MANGO)Ding, Professor ZLancaster University 298,535 27 Jan 2017
A Unified Multiple Access Framework for Next Generation Mobile Networks By Removing Orthogonality (MANGO)Sellathurai, Dr MHeriot-Watt University 328,990 27 Jan 2017
Adaptive software for high-fidelity simulations of multi-phase turbulent reacting flowsChakraborty, Professor NNewcastle University 475,707 09 Feb 2017
Advancing the Geometric Framework for Computational Statistics: Theory, Methodology and Modern Day ApplicationsGirolami, Professor MImperial College London 235,666 17 Jan 2017
Algorithmic Aspects of Temporal GraphsSpirakis, Professor PUniversity of Liverpool 319,782 06 Feb 2017
Algorithmic Aspects of Temporal GraphsMertzios, Dr GDurham, University of 319,069 06 Feb 2017
ALTITUDE: Advanced Low-cost TI:sapphire Lasers for Quantum TechnologiesAdams, Professor CSDurham, University of 200,774 09 Feb 2017
Armoured: Atomic R-matrix Method For Relativistic Dynamicsvan der Hart, Professor HQueen's University of Belfast 376,329 01 Feb 2017
Automated Robotic Food Manufacturing System.Paoli, Dr AUniversity of Lincoln 139,325 16 Feb 2017
Automatic Binary ParallelisationJones, Dr TMUniversity of Cambridge 850,187 26 Jan 2017
Autonomous phased array ultrasound robotic NDT of long weld lines (AWI)Sattar, Professor TPLondon South Bank University 117,444 16 Feb 2017
Autonomous System for Sound Integration and GeneratioN (ASSIGN)Reiss, Dr JDQueen Mary, University of London 116,428 17 Feb 2017
AXEL: Alexandrite Ring Cavity Lasers for Commercial Quantum Technology. TSB Application Number: 79958-520147Damzen, Professor MJImperial College London 174,100 14 Feb 2017
CASPA: Cold Atom Space PayloadBongs, Professor KUniversity of Birmingham 311,594 09 Feb 2017
Cloud-based methods to predict the druggability of protein-protein interactions: applications to cancer and antimicrobial resistance.Laughton, Dr CAUniversity of Nottingham 293,994 01 Feb 2017
Cohen-Lenstra heuristics, Brauer relations, and low-dimensional manifoldsBartel, Dr AUniversity of Glasgow 744,455 31 Jan 2017
Cold Atom Space Payload (CASPA)Gawith, Dr CUniversity of Southampton 239,370 01 Feb 2017
ColourSpecs: A Wearable Colour Identification System for People with Impaired Colour VisionFlatla, Dr D RUniversity of Dundee 100,861 20 Jan 2017
compact Cold-Atom Sources (cCAS)Foot, Professor CJUniversity of Oxford 196,521 30 Jan 2017
Comparing Classifiers CorrectlyShepperd, Professor MBrunel University London 15,636 10 Feb 2017
Compound Semiconductor Underpinning EquipmentThomas, Professor HRCardiff University 2,000,000 14 Feb 2017
Computing with Liquid MarblesAdamatzky, Professor AUniversity of the West of England 727,811 27 Jan 2017
Controlling structure induced variations in non-invasive perfusion MRI of neurodegenerationChappell, Professor MAUniversity of Oxford 836,436 26 Jan 2017
Cooperative Game Theory: New Mathematical and Algorithmic Approaches.Nguyen, Dr TUniversity of Southampton 429,528 31 Jan 2017
DAPM: Detecting and Preventing Mass-Marketing Fraud (MMF)Whitty, Professor MUniversity of Warwick 841,965 17 Feb 2017
DIFFRACT - Integrated Distributed Feedback Lasers for Cold Atom TechnologiesBongs, Professor KUniversity of Birmingham 112,060 09 Feb 2017
DIFFRACT - Integrated Distributed Feedback Lasers for Cold Atom TechnologiesPaul, Professor DJUniversity of Glasgow 397,615 01 Feb 2017
E&ID:USES - The next generation of low-cost energy-efficient appliances and devices to benefit the bottom of the pyramidChataway, Professor JCUniversity of Sussex 596,506 18 Jan 2017
Efficient VERsatile Energy Services Solution Through DC - "EVERESST DC".Bahaj, Professor ASUniversity of Southampton 67,257 20 Jan 2017
Enabling ultra-high resolution hydrogen/deuterium exchange for challenging biomedical systemsZhuravleva, Dr AUniversity of Leeds 100,792 24 Jan 2017
Entanglement and topology of time-reversal symmetric fractional topological insulatorsMoeller, Dr GUniversity of Kent 101,003 24 Jan 2017
Excitations in Complex Environments: Multiphysics embedding for large scale electronic structureHine, Dr NDMUniversity of Warwick 609,469 13 Feb 2017
Exploring the commercial application of Quantum TechnologiesRafailov, Professor EUAston University 30,441 01 Feb 2017
Extension and optimisation of the EPOCH codeBennett, Dr KUniversity of Warwick 236,478 09 Feb 2017
Functional Polyesters from Renewable Monomers Through a New Reaction MechanismShaver, Dr M PUniversity of Edinburgh 497,594 15 Feb 2017
GaSb/GaAs quantum ring single photon LEDs (QR_SPLEDs)Hayne, Dr MLancaster University 119,157 01 Feb 2017
GasSightGibson, Dr GUniversity of Glasgow 115,391 14 Feb 2017
Graphs in Representation TheorySchroll, Dr SUniversity of Leicester 1,015,963 09 Feb 2017
High Pressure Synthesis of All Transition Metal Oxide Perovskites and Related MaterialsAttfield, Professor JPUniversity of Edinburgh 657,849 26 Jan 2017
High-Power Unique-Stability Laser Source For Quantum ApplicationsBarker, Professor PFUCL 40,926 30 Jan 2017
Household-Supplier Energy MarketChitchyan, Dr RUniversity of Leicester 459,141 17 Feb 2017
Hybrid QT system for visualisation of buried utility assets (Qvision)Metje, Dr NUniversity of Birmingham 27,202 01 Feb 2017
Instrument to identify defects and impurities in wide band gap semiconductors via excited statesHalsall, Professor MPUniversity of Manchester, The 791,022 27 Jan 2017
Inverse problems for hyperbolic partial differential equationsOksanen, Dr LUCL 629,463 02 Feb 2017
Investigating electron dynamics and radiation transport in solid-density plasmas using X-ray FELsVinko, Dr SMUniversity of Oxford 1,032,659 06 Feb 2017
iSee - Intelligent Vision for GraspingSiebert, Dr JUniversity of Glasgow 149,217 16 Feb 2017
Liquid actuation based on humidity gradients: HygrotaxisLedesma Aguilar, Dr RANorthumbria, University of 97,732 15 Feb 2017
Liquid AntennasHuang, Professor YUniversity of Liverpool 587,312 24 Jan 2017
MacV: Miniaturised atomic clocks using VCSEL pump sourcesSmowton, Professor PMCardiff University 233,988 01 Feb 2017
Magnetic Coordination Capsules: Establishing a Rationally-Designed, Paramagnetic Host-Guest Approach to Molecular Magnets.Lusby, Dr PJUniversity of Edinburgh 378,751 14 Feb 2017
MARLIN Modular Floating Platform for Offshore Wind: Concept AssessmentO'Brien, Mr RWUniversity of Sunderland 50,526 20 Jan 2017
Modelling, Analysis, and Design of Ultra-Dense Cellular NetworksDuong, Dr TQueen's University of Belfast 96,857 01 Feb 2017
National Centre for Infrastructure Materials (Leeds)Black, Dr LUniversity of Leeds 4,498,620 20 Jan 2017
Natural speech Automated Utility for Mental healthGasic, Dr MUniversity of Cambridge 100,724 26 Jan 2017
Novel compact narrow linewidth laser for gravimetric and quantum applicationsWeidmann, Dr DSTFC Laboratories (Grouped) 124,043 01 Feb 2017
Parallel Heterogeneous Integration of III-V Devices on Silicon Photonic ChipsSorel, Professor MUniversity of Glasgow 334,631 27 Jan 2017
Parallel Heterogeneous Integration of III-V Devices on Silicon Photonic ChipsStrain, Dr MJUniversity of Strathclyde 323,298 27 Jan 2017
Persistence through Reliable Perching (PEP)Liu, Dr CLoughborough University 20,160 16 Feb 2017
Picosecond Dynamics of Magnetic Exchange SpringsHesjedal, Professor TUniversity of Oxford 160,964 26 Jan 2017
Picosecond Dynamics of Magnetic Exchange SpringsHicken, Professor R JUniversity of Exeter 642,415 26 Jan 2017
Picosecond Dynamics of Magnetic Exchange Springsvan der Laan, Professor GDiamond Light Source 335,799 26 Jan 2017
POLARIS: high POwer, phase-locked LAseRs for atom InterferometerSHinds, Professor EAImperial College London 192,339 09 Feb 2017
Praseodymium Laser Architecture Investigation and Demonstrator (PLAID)Bongs, Professor KUniversity of Birmingham 113,456 09 Feb 2017
QT-Shield: Compact lightweight high performance magnetic shielding enabling portable & miniaturised quantum technology systemsBongs, Professor KUniversity of Birmingham 83,929 09 Feb 2017
Quantitative non-destructive nanoscale characterisation of advanced materialsHourahine, Dr BUniversity of Strathclyde 846,921 06 Feb 2017
Quantitative non-destructive nanoscale characterisation of advanced materialsKuball, Professor MUniversity of Bristol 141,477 02 Feb 2017
Quantum Cooling using Mode Controlled Blue Lasers (CoolBlue)Kelly, Dr AUniversity of Glasgow 101,900 01 Feb 2017
Quantum Entanglement Tomography for enhanced medical imagingWatts, Professor DPUniversity of Edinburgh 359,925 01 Feb 2017
QUAntum teraheRTZ Sensor using rydberg atomsWeatherill, Dr KJDurham, University of 165,199 02 Feb 2017
Quasicrystals: how and why do they form?Archer, Dr AJLoughborough University 293,504 26 Jan 2017
Quasicrystals: how and why do they form?Rucklidge, Professor A MUniversity of Leeds 49,502 26 Jan 2017
QuDOS II: Quantum technologies using Diffractive Optical Structures (Phase II)Griffin, Dr PFUniversity of Strathclyde 152,275 09 Feb 2017
Queen's University Belfast Imaging and Patterning CentreMcElnay, Professor JQueen's University of Belfast 1,826,476 14 Feb 2017
Radio-Frequency Atomic Magnetometers for Medical ApplicationsRenzoni, Professor FUCL 132,898 01 Feb 2017
REMOTE - (RuggEd Mirco-ECDL technology for cOld aTom applications in spacE)Riis, Professor EUniversity of Strathclyde 26,325 01 Feb 2017
REMOTE - RuggEd Mirco-ECDL technology for cOld aTom applications in spacEValenzuela-Salazar, Dr TSTFC Laboratories (Grouped) 25,359 01 Feb 2017
Research Institute in Verified Trustworthy Software Systems (VeTSS)Gardner, Professor PImperial College London 654,850 27 Jan 2017
REVEALMetje, Dr NUniversity of Birmingham 540,596 02 Feb 2017
Risk Measures for MDPsHan, Dr TBirkbeck College 101,113 26 Jan 2017
R-matrix suites for multielectron attosecond dynamics in atoms and molecules irradiated by arbitrarily polarised lightvan der Hart, Professor HQueen's University of Belfast 433,575 09 Feb 2017
Robot House 2.0 - Infrastructure for the Study of Smart Home and Autonomous Robotic SystemsDautenhahn, Professor KUniversity of Hertfordshire 578,051 17 Jan 2017
Robotic Inspection of Mooring Chains in Air and Water (RIMCAW)Sattar, Professor TPLondon South Bank University 72,803 16 Feb 2017
Semi Autonomous Teleoperation System (SATS)Srinivasan, Professor MAUCL 151,015 16 Feb 2017
SIG-NET: Exploring the interface between SIGnal processing and NETwork scienceLacasa, Dr LQueen Mary, University of London 303,239 16 Feb 2017
Silicon quantum dots in thermoelectric material applicationsChao, Dr YUniversity of East Anglia 6,930 27 Jan 2017
Size, shape and surface properties in realistic models of magnetic nanocrystalsEvans, Dr RFLUniversity of York 100,650 15 Feb 2017
Soft chemical control to achieve new layered architectures and strongly correlated states.Clarke, Professor SJUniversity of Oxford 556,382 02 Feb 2017
Solving Parity Games in Theory and PracticeSchewe, Dr SUniversity of Liverpool 409,109 26 Jan 2017
Solving Parity Games in Theory and PracticeJurdzinski, Dr MUniversity of Warwick 347,959 26 Jan 2017
SPIN-LabJennings, Professor NRImperial College London 1,907,995 14 Feb 2017
Strain-engineered graphene: growth, modification and electronic propertiesBeton, Professor PHUniversity of Nottingham 910,916 26 Jan 2017
Strontium COld atom package foR commercial oPtIcal clOcksBongs, Professor KUniversity of Birmingham 188,154 09 Feb 2017
Supporting Feature Engineering for End-User Design of Gestural InteractionsFiebrink, Dr RGoldsmiths College 99,992 07 Feb 2017
Surface and Interface Toolkit for the Materials Chemistry CommunityWoodley, Dr SMUCL 693,837 10 Feb 2017
Surface Nanoscale Axial Photonics (SNAP)Sumetsky, Professor MAston University 916,352 26 Jan 2017
The Internet of Silicon Retinas (IoSiRe): Machine to machine communications for neuromorphic vision sensing dataShikh-Bahaei, Dr MKings College London 560,634 07 Feb 2017
The Internet of Silicon Retinas (IoSiRe): Machine to machine communications for neuromorphic vision sensing dataAndreopoulos, Dr YUCL 552,869 07 Feb 2017
The Internet of Silicon Retinas (IOSIRE): Machine-to-machine communications for neuromorphic vision sensing dataMartini, Professor MGKingston University 279,703 07 Feb 2017
The Silicon Vacancy in Silicon Carbide: a promising qubit in a technological materialBonato, Dr CHeriot-Watt University 101,033 09 Feb 2017
Tunable Plasmonics for Ultrafast Switching at Telecom WavelengthsFerrera, Dr MHeriot-Watt University 101,186 24 Jan 2017
UK Collaboratorium for Research in Infrastructure & Cities: Newcastle LaboratoriesDawson, Professor RJNewcastle University 9,671,332 24 Jan 2017
Uncertainty analysis of hierarchical energy systems models: Models versus real energy systemsDent, Dr CUniversity of Edinburgh 157,626 26 Jan 2017
Underpinning Equipment for Magnetic Resonance ResearchSpearing, Professor SMUniversity of Southampton 1,999,099 14 Feb 2017
Understanding and developing new noise reduction mechanisms for aerofoils in unsteady flow through the use of analytical mathematicsAyton, Dr LUniversity of Cambridge 605,042 02 Feb 2017
Understanding and modelling kinetic turbulence in magnetized plasmasTeaca, Dr BCoventry University 90,298 09 Feb 2017
VescaElse, Dr MANational Inst of Agricultural Botany 119,358 17 Feb 2017
Virtual Investment ResearcherBriscoe, Professor EJUniversity of Cambridge 84,693 16 Feb 2017
VSimulators: Human factors simulation for motion and serviceability in the built environmentBrownjohn, Professor JMWUniversity of Exeter 3,246,099 20 Jan 2017
VSimulators: Human factors simulation for motion and serviceability in the built environmentDarby, Dr A PUniversity of Bath 1,594,880 20 Jan 2017

Total Number of Grants: 118
Total Value of Grants: £64,612,314

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).