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Grant TitlePrincipal InvestigatorOrganisationGrant Value (£)Announcement Date
A compact novel hyperspectral imager for more reliable and precise agricultureBourgenot, Dr CDurham, University of 458,839 18 Jun 2018
A Robot ChemistKing, Professor RUniversity of Manchester, The 243,280 26 Jun 2018
ACCEPT: Addressing Cybersecurity and Cybercrime via a co-Evolutionary aPproach to reducing human-relaTed risksLi, Professor SUniversity of Kent 767,982 20 Jul 2018
Active Learning for Computational Polymorph Landscape AnalysisDay, Professor GMUniversity of Southampton 251,033 26 Jun 2018
An Optical Single Molecule Scanner of Protein MotionVollmer, Professor FUniversity of Exeter 1,571,018 09 Jul 2018
Analysing the Motion of Biological SwimmersHogg, Professor DUniversity of Leeds 246,811 26 Jun 2018
Approximate structure in large graphs and hypergraphsOsthus, Professor DUniversity of Birmingham 327,343 28 Jun 2018
Bridging the gap between small scale mechanical testing and bulk material property measurements of advanced, structural nuclear materialsKareer, Dr AUniversity of Oxford 448,807 22 Jun 2018
Classifying algebraic varieties via Newton-Okounkov bodiesPostinghel, Dr ELoughborough University 203,354 03 Jul 2018
Co-creating visions and pathways for integrated urban heat systemsBale, Dr CSEUniversity of Leeds 958,870 21 Jun 2018
Computational Design of Graphene-Based Materials for Challenging Nuclear Decommissioning ApplicationsWilliams, Dr C DUniversity of Manchester, The 302,361 26 Jun 2018
Design and green manufacturing of functional nanomaterialsPatwardhan, Professor SVUniversity of Sheffield 1,011,132 26 Jun 2018
Developing Highly efficient HTS AC windings for fully superconducting machinesZhang, Dr MUniversity of Strathclyde 25,908 12 Jul 2018
Efficient Querying of Inconsistent DataPieris, Dr AUniversity of Edinburgh 606,439 25 Jun 2018
Engineering Fellowship for Growth - Neuromorphic Printed Tactile Skin (NeuPRINTSKIN) (Ext)Dahiya, Professor RUniversity of Glasgow 1,069,414 19 Jun 2018
Enhancing Machine Learning with Physical Constraints to Predict Microstructure EvolutionClarke, Professor NUniversity of Sheffield 250,600 26 Jun 2018
Evaluation of Potential of Zwitterionic Salts for the Development of Protein-Resistant SurfacesBlesic, Dr MQueen's University of Belfast 110,174 03 Jul 2018
Exact scalable inference for coalescent processesKoskela, Dr JUniversity of Warwick 99,492 28 Jun 2018
Extending the buffet envelope: step change in data quantity and quality of analysisTimme, Dr SUniversity of Liverpool 298,587 27 Jun 2018
Extending the buffet envelope: step change in data quantity and quality of analysisSandham, Professor NDUniversity of Southampton 311,065 27 Jun 2018
Fast solvers for frequency domain wave-scattering problems and applicationsDolean Maini, Dr VUniversity of Strathclyde 341,792 28 Jun 2018
Fast solvers for frequency-domain wave-scattering problems and applicationsgraham, Professor IUniversity of Bath 379,810 28 Jun 2018
High Performance and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells Based on Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube ArraysZhang, Dr WUniversity of Surrey 191,365 20 Jun 2018
Improving Methods of Characterising Resource, Interactions and Conditions (METRIC)Lewis, Dr MBangor University 287,382 18 Jun 2018
Innovation Fellowship: Computational modelling of cryopreservation of biological tissueBauer, Dr RNewcastle University 502,399 18 Jun 2018
Ion Beam Analysis for the 2020's and Beyond: An Integration of Elemental Mapping and 'omics'Bailey, Dr MJUniversity of Surrey 1,025,483 04 Jul 2018
JINA: Jet Installation Noise AbatementKarabasov, Dr SQueen Mary University of London 422,275 28 Jun 2018
JINA: Jet Installation Noise AbatementAzarpeyvand, Dr MUniversity of Bristol 590,853 28 Jun 2018
Jordan Algebras, Finsler Geometry and DynamicsLemmens, Dr BUniversity of Kent 310,787 28 Jun 2018
Laser refrigeration on the nanoscale: From nanocryostats to quantum optomechanicsThomson, Professor RRHeriot-Watt University 335,592 06 Jul 2018
Laser refrigeration on the nanoscale: From nanocryostats to quantum optomechanicsBarker, Professor PFUCL 729,667 06 Jul 2018
Laser-engineered nanocomposites for sensing applicationsZolotovskaya, Dr SAUniversity of Dundee 25,801 11 Jul 2018
Levitated Electromechanics: All-Electrical Nanoscale Control and Cooling (LEVELECTRO)Millen, Dr JNKings College London 387,989 04 Jul 2018
Local-global principles: arithmetic statistics and obstructionsNewton, Dr R DUniversity of Reading 121,502 28 Jun 2018
Manufacturing Fellowship Extension in: Controlling geometrical variability of products in the digital and smart manufacturing eraScott, Professor PJUniversity of Huddersfield 697,733 27 Jun 2018
McSynC: in vivo automatic Model calibration of Synthetic Circuits componentsMenolascina, Dr FUniversity of Edinburgh 169,368 28 Jun 2018
Moduli spaces attached to singular surfaces and representation theorySzendroi, Professor BUniversity of Oxford 518,956 28 Jun 2018
Molecular Manufacturing of Macroscopic ObjectsSmoukov, Dr SQueen Mary University of London 1,180,624 26 Jun 2018
MTStretch: Low-resource Machine TranslationBirch, Dr AUniversity of Edinburgh 517,456 18 Jun 2018
Nanoscale thermodynamics: From Experiments and Applications to a practical Theory (nanoFEAT)Anders, Dr JUniversity of Exeter 1,005,985 19 Jun 2018
Near-equilibrium thermalised quantum lightOulton, Dr RFMImperial College London 767,529 05 Jul 2018
Novel Enhanced Sampling Methods in Multiscale ModelingRosta, Dr EKings College London 819,960 13 Jul 2018
Optimal Addition Profiles to Control Reactivity and Selectivity of Catalytic ReactionsBures Amat, Dr JUniversity of Manchester, The 269,097 03 Jul 2018
Powering Carbon-free Autonomous Shipping: Ammonia/Hydrogen dual-fuelled Linear Engine-GeneratorWu, Dr DNewcastle University 684,244 18 Jun 2018
Probing Multiscale Complex Multiphase Flows with Positrons for Engineering and Biomedical ApplicationsBarigou, Professor MUniversity of Birmingham 5,765,129 26 Jun 2018
Psychological identity in a digital world: Detecting and understanding digital traces of our psychological selfKoschate-Reis, Dr MUniversity of Exeter 542,410 18 Jun 2018
PyFR: Towards Industry and ExascaleVincent, Dr P EImperial College London 1,080,908 19 Jun 2018
Quantum information science: tools and applications for fundamental physics (Ext.)Oppenheim, Professor JUCL 623,081 04 Jul 2018
Rapid-Transfer Dynamic Nuclear PolarizationMeier, Dr BUniversity of Southampton 795,999 04 Jul 2018
Room Temperature continuous wave inorganic MASERKay, Professor CWMUCL 327,948 02 Jul 2018
Room Temperature Continuous-Wave Inorganic MaserAlford, Professor NImperial College London 674,637 02 Jul 2018
Signal Processing in the Information AgeDavies, Professor MUniversity of Edinburgh 4,092,207 28 Jun 2018
Singlet Fission in Carotenoid Aggregates (SIFICA)Barford, Professor WUniversity of Oxford 294,636 02 Jul 2018
Singlet Fission in Carotenoid Aggregates (SIFICA)Clark, Dr JUniversity of Sheffield 851,312 02 Jul 2018
Solar Optofluidics (SOLO): Water Splitting beyond the 1.23 eV Thermodynamic ConstraintsXuan, Dr JLoughborough University 83,676 19 Jul 2018
Stable hypersurfaces with prescribed mean curvatureBellettini, Dr CUCL 287,098 28 Jun 2018
Strain-Tuning of Emergent states of MatterWahl, Dr PUniversity of St Andrews 736,908 03 Jul 2018
Surgery enabled by ultrasonicsLucas, Professor MUniversity of Glasgow 6,114,693 16 Jul 2018
Sustainable and industrially scalable ultrasonic liquid phase exfoliation technologies for manufacturing 2D advanced functional materials (EcoUltra2D)Eskin, Professor DBrunel University London 411,096 18 Jun 2018
The ESA/JAXA JEREMI (Japanese European Research Experiments on Marangoni Instabilities) ProjectLappa, Dr MUniversity of Strathclyde 202,696 06 Jul 2018
The Flexible Wing Project: Wing-box static test validation.York, Dr CBUniversity of Glasgow 31,710 10 Jul 2018
The Future Vaccine Manufacturing Research Hub (Vax-Hub)Mukhopadhyay, Dr TKUCL 6,968,180 18 Jun 2018
Towards a multisensory hearing aid: Engineering synthetic audiovisual and audiotactile signals to aid hearing in noisy backgroundsReichenbach, Dr TImperial College London 1,029,425 21 Jun 2018
Understanding N-doped graphene electrocatalysts through in-situ characterisationWalton, Dr A S OUniversity of Manchester, The 273,320 04 Jul 2018
Viscous fingering on soft substratesPihler-Puzovic, Dr DUniversity of Manchester, The 237,970 28 Jun 2018

Total Number of Grants: 65
Total Value of Grants: £53,271,199

The grant value may include the cost of access to facilities (these funds are not awarded to the grant holding organisation).